It did not take long for him to complete his journey from a student to an award-winning architect

He never took shortcuts to success, nor did he compromise with his work ethic. Yet, within no time, he was the proud owner of the award for being the most promising and creative architecture and design firm of 2021. Let us read on to know more about a youth who never took ‘No’ for an answer.

When you have sorted out your plans, it does not take long to reach the destination. Ar. M. Harish knew that to become successful, you must embrace failure. His power lies in his originality and ability to understand his customer’s requirements.

The architecture was his first love. He was young and bubbling with design ideas. So, pursuing a bachelor’s in Architecture was the only way he could customize his conviction into living the life of his dreams. He dedicated himself to the MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai. Submerging himself into design philosophy for five years of his career gave valuable insight and propelled him to surge ahead. He felt a sense of satisfaction while imparting the basic elements of architecture by serving as visiting faculty in leading institutions of Tamil Nadu, such as Anna University, RVS School of Architecture and Planning, etc.

In 2015, he established Arsh Associates, headquartered at Madurai, with one lakh capital investment. Today, he has a flourishing business with a turnover of six to seven lakhs per annum. He has achieved this in a short span because he keeps the client’s comfort as the base of every construction. His multi-disciplinary designing system covers projects ranging from residential complexes, twin villas, vasthu-synchronized complexes, healthcare, institutional sectors, office architecture design, cafes, banquet halls, salons, vacation homes, yachts, and more.

Arsh Associates has created a niche for its qualitative architecture. Its versatility has sculpted distinct designs that not only make an impactful impression but work as a medium to unite people. His non-compromising attitude for infusing high-standard materials with his creative ideas gives Arsh Associates the cutting edge. Every project evolves from detailed planning, cost-conscious approach, and aesthetic sense for the most favorable outcome. Ar. M. Harish draws inspiration from Hiroshi Nakamura’s ideology towards sustainability.

“We take ideas from different forms, objects, elements concepts or anything around and try to put it in by solving the design aesthetically with contemporary architecture. Each project is different and cannot be approached the same way, so each site has to be understood and has to be given a solution uniquely..” says Ar. M. Harish

His expertise has an eye for combining technology and elegance to construct multifunctional, stylish, and luxurious contemporary spaces. He engages in harmonizing and balancing his designs through a combination of rich and vibrant color, upholstery, fabrics, textured rugs, lightings, and tranquil decors for simple living. The results are cheerful, soothing, comfortable, and personally tailored architectural design according to individual needs.

He believes that every design should have its uniqueness along with suitability. It is crucial to explain the concept to the clients and gain their trust and confidence. Apart from that, time management is an essential element that goes hand-in-hand.

Though his love for architecture led to winning the Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference 2021, he is focused to initiate a large-scale project. Besides, in 2021, Arsh Associates won the most promising and creative architecture and design firm of the year. He yearns to retrofit his modernistic approach into constructing green complexes for sustainable Madurai.


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