The Taskmasters Of KIDUCATION

Mrs. Nehal Bajaj & Mr. Nitin Vichare- Owner, Podar Jumbo Kids Plus

A truly ambitious woman entrepreneur- Nehal Bajaj, who is a Commerce graduate with diverse hobbies like reading, painting, mehndi and dancing; took plenty of time to realize her exact dream. While going through this patience testing journey, she discovered her North Star- connecting with little ones/ toddlers. Her endless passion for engaging with children in every possible way inspired her to commence her entrepreneurial journey, for which she is constantly supported by her husband and her 9 years old son.
Immensely influenced by the Art of Teaching by ‘Shri. Gijubhai Badheka’, Nehal actively took interest in teaching her niece during along with other neighboring kids. And the pillar of educating children with fun matured intensely when her son started going to a Play school. Nehal, who got hooked to child education, shared this idea with ‘Mr. Nitin Vichare’ – their family friend, who tremendously liked the idea, and this is how they initiated their KIDUCATION journey with ‘Podar Education Network’ in 2015.

Nehal idealizes her elder brother- ‘Mr. Arun Gala’, who has always treated her like his daughter from day one and has stood as a pillar of support during every endeavor. Nehal, who considers children’s love and parent’s trust as her biggest laurel, confesses that luck has always favored her. She says,” God has always been kind to me and I share gratitude to my family who has stood by me during every phase of life and occasions, before and even after my marriage”, adding, “Even during the stage of setting up the school, I was thoroughly guided and supported by ‘Podar Education Network’, Dr. Swati Popat Vats & mentors’ team.
Nehal is a person who listens to her heart without worrying about the consequences and she ventured into ‘Podar Jumbo Kids Plus’ along with Nitin, without any big calculations on profits/ Return on Investment. “Like every budding venture, we too faced teething troubles but the firm support of my colleagues and friends aided in overcoming those”.

Being extremely passionate about this activity, growing her share of pie had never been Nehal’s priority; but yes, she definitely owes a big motivation to their initial success which has inspired them to do more in this field. The founders of ‘Podar Jumbo Kids Plus’ foresee to create more win-win situations for their students, parents and their business as well and has recently got applauded with ‘India Education Award, 2019’.
Nehal firmly believes that we all are god-gifted with one or other uniqueness and shares her concern for many who don’t realize the same. She admits that sometimes an appropriate platform to explore that unique ray of light could not be figured out, but motivates others to never lose hope and herself follows a mantra of simplicity coupled with integrity, competence and passion.

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