Rasik Khandelwal, a small boy from Vrindavan was very ambitious from his childhood. His father was a businessman and used to manufacture foils, films, metalized papers, and packaging for customers. He started his business in 2013 named RASIK PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. and now is India’s biggest manufacturer and exporter. He has always wanted to create glory and recognition and do something revolutionary in the business. He then ventured into manufacturing sequences and started offering them to various buying houses. His embellishments were a raging success. He started adding and giving a product that was extra to customers and this added more value to his product. He always focused on his designs sales pitch creativity and understanding of what buyers need. His foreign trips, dealings, and increased demands of products encouraged him to export gift packaging products like rolls, wraps, boxes, paper bags, tissues, ribbons, and bows to the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia and is now the largest exporter of this category in India. His projects have made new records every year and are also contributing towards promoting Indian Mill-made paper to an international level by giving it a winning edge. The quality and luxury designs of his projects have decreased the export and manufacturing from Indonesia and China. The best thing about his company is that they also contribute to a green India by demoting deforestation and using recycled waste paper for their projects which is not seen in any other country like in the USA, Europe, and the UK. Those recycled paper were made so aesthetic by adding designs to it that is gained popularity in the largest retailers of the world like Wal-mart, TJX, TARGET, Costco, IKEA, ALDI, etc.

He made Ratan Tata his idol because of his integrity, reputation, and leadership skills, and his ability to successfully Run 30 companies across 10 clusters.

Rasik faced many problems as an entrepreneur. Being an Indian exporter and manufacturer no one trusted him and was not willing to give him a big opportunity. But as said,

“opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

He also overcame his hurdle by better communications and timely deliveries and this made people believe him. He had to strive for everything like creating the market, manufacturing, getting orders, etc. In this world of competition, he got a hardship and backstabbing as well but the pain was worth it. He never gave up. He sacrificed his luxuries and joys of youth for the business and never looked back. Today his present turnover is about 150 crores. He always believed in himself and was very persistent. He never lost hope in difficult times. He was always humble in the toughest of the situation and this is the reason that today he looks up to his business with pride and sees his project is appreciated. He advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about their capabilities and never fear making mistakes in life rather learn from them and take risks in business.

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