Erecting Dreams: Successful Journey Of Two Entrepreneurs

Ar. Shailesh Garg and Ar. Ankur Khullar is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Interstice Studio. They commenced the venture back in 2017 when they were just 26. Their indomitable passion led them to bring forth their intrinsic ambitions to reality.

From being friends in the undergrad years in Architecture to working in the same firm, they have had an inspirational journey.  They accumulated their four years of professional experience and skills into a wholesome architectural and design consultancy known as ‘Interstice Studio.’

 A wondrous Achievement In A Jiffy

Their ambitious mindscape soared above the sky and eventually brought forth the inspirational thoughts to work. The firm had its sheer amount of evolution. In the beginning, it was only a small firm situated in one of the guest rooms of their house. Moreover, they had to undertake the mission while they had a job in hand. However, it eventually prospered into a studio within a year.

Currently, it’s a fully functional studio with diligent workers putting their blood and sweat into this dream run. The duo even said,

 “Presently, we have our projects spanning from high-end residential interiors and architecture to flagship and franchise commercial associations, leisure and recreational estates, and group housings.”

No wonder it’s a wondrous achievement. Moreover, one of their dream projects, ‘The Midas Touch,’ has been featured in the Design Essentia magazine for its innovative and exuberant designs.

Its Effect On Realistic Ground

Speaking of their studio, the owners said that their studio strives to offer unparalleled services across the professional domain.

There’s a tight line between their purpose and execution for larger societal goals. They strive to offer sustainability and resilience. Moreover, with their incredulous zeal and responsibility, they aspire to build a sensible environment and a feasible solution to a design problem.

Their firm is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that works diversely. It ranges from numerous details of interior space, building masses, urban designing. Moreover, they have worked on the projects of residential, commercial sector as well as hospitality.

Inspiration And Encouragement

To be successful in the field of architecture, a fine blend of creativity and a practical mind is required. As professionals, it was an intuitive choice for them.

“It barely took a few months of introduction to the field for us to discern that we wanted to have our own practice ultimately”.

As an ardent designer, there’s always a desire to be engrossed with the ideas that ‘shape into beautiful spaces’. The initiation of the program was a 5-year plan for them. During the phase, they learned nooks and corners relating to business. After thorough research, they finally landed their architectural positions in 42mm architecture, New Delhi.

As for inspiration, they claimed that one could not find design inspiration simply in one person or a practitioner.However, there are brilliant pieces of work that leave a tremendous impact on your soul. It ignites a burning passion for the work.

Therefore, they too had the same inspiration from their mentor Ar Rudraksh Charaon whose passionate work ethic heavily felt amazing attention to detail. In addition, Sir B.V Doshi too inspired their ‘principles of prioritizing functionality and sensibility of design.’

Despite a plethora of inspirational works all around the globe, they are the proud owners who believe that their

“rich indigenous fraternity of designers is an active catalyst to stimulate design inventions like Lauri Baker, Revathi Kamath, Ambrish Arora, and so many more.”

Hardships and Learnings

They have understood the fact that services are indeed difficult to sell compared to products due to a lack of instant prototypes. Moreover, the designing market lacks awareness and affordability. Therefore, the situation has gone downhill due to malpractices and other unauthorized means.

Therefore, they had to build an amiable connection with the clients, explaining the worth and value of their services. Moreover, the apt ability to socialize with utmost clarity was extremely handy to have. Therefore, they made the most of the opportunities and grasped one project after another. In addition, a sound understanding enabled them to approach potential clients.

Exuding Inspirational Thoughts

They have emphasized on meticulous planning of the enterprise.

“The key to the success or failure of any business is to think of time as your biggest capital. Once you know where and how to use your time to build your enterprise, you will be able to figure out the rest of the logistics as well”.

Therefore, it’s pivotal to emphasize the team’s soft skills in addition to the technical skill for maximum optimization of opportunities.

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