The Zeal To Innovate And Create

With just 18 months in the business, 1help Technology & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. have had more than 300 web designs, web developments and SEO projects to its credit. Their unique and unparalleled web related services have given a confidence boost to all of their clients from varied sectors. And the founders of 1help – Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Mohammed Akheel are not keeping any stone unturned to keep this awesome entrepreneurial journey afloat with three overseas offices, all of it in such a short span of time.

Both the founder directors of 1help didn’t have a fairy tale childhood and had to struggle hard to make this venture fruitful and successful. Mohammed Muneeb and Mohammed Akheel both worked as newspaper hawkers at the age of 17 and faced hardships to pursue their early education before completing their Computer Science Engineering. However, in 2018, their aspirations and foresightedness helped them to turn their IT dreams into reality and serve clients, both nationally and internationally, on their web related needs with the launch of their web designing firm. After a humble start with zero investment in the picturesque town of Shivamogga, in central Karnataka, today 1help proudly owns offices in Dubai, Qatar and Malaysia.

Mohammed Muneeb and Mohammed Akheel drew inspiration from their daily life and surroundings, and in order to make life easy through technology, they came up with various innovations in IT fields. Though all friends and relatives supported them in this unique entrepreneurial expedition; it is their strong determination that made them stronger every time they were being demotivated in this venture. Often they rose like a phoenix after being morally down and probably that has been the success mantra. When asked about their biggest challenge in this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, Mohammed Muneeb unpleasantly recalls “There were National and Regional political parties who benefitted from our technology in terms of reaching their manifesto directly to the voters. However in the process we had to experience a lot of humiliation and being bad mouthed.”

Having invented and developed around 53 unique projects across varied sectors, both the founder directors are of the view that – rather than identifying market opportunities, they always concentrated on proving their abilities in the society and that paved a path automatically. Hailed from a financially weak background they always wanted to leave a mark in the society. Financial constraints in their childhood days often hindered their dreams, they were at times down but never out.
It was their childhood dream and passion that sparked off this entrepreneurial journey. The vision to create unique products and solve day to day problem, helped these IT professionals build 1help, that’s indeed helping both domestic and overseas client in offering best of class products. Since inception, they have achieved their targets to a great extent and continuously striving hard for excellence in meeting clients’ satisfaction. Through their persistent hard work, they have been able to establish their own identity in the website designing field, both nationally and internationally

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