This Biotechnologist ventured into Digital Marketing in order to help her clients excel

Priya Malik – Founder, Finesse

Established in 2012, Finesse was set up by Priya Malik to deliver high-quality learning solutions to corporations, professionals, and students. Being a social media enthusiast, she wanted to build an eco-system so that business houses, big or small, can benefit out of the expertise Finesse possess. Later in September 2013, another portfolio was added to the company to build a digitally interactive business as the branding expert for the social media and digital consulting area at large. With the passion for building a niche clientele around Social Media, Priya re-fashioned the business of Social Media Marketing for noted businesses across the nation and abroad.

Priya has always been academically strong. An MTech in Biotechnology and a rank holder at University level, she always wanted to get into entrepreneurship and help her clients grow. This dynamic, young, and highly passionate self-driven individual has always been an innovator and organizer of many events during student life. Her efficiency in managing the social events in the college and the internal voice to be her own boss diverted her attention to be an entrepreneur, and thus the seeds of Finesse was sowed.

With just 8 years in the industry, Priya has gained a lot of name and fame in her domain. Besides managing her venture, she currently serves as Northern Region Chair of ‘Gift An Organ’, Young Indians CII, National Vice President of LPU Alumni Association, and Board of Advisor, LPU Alumni Association Chandigarh Chapter and Member TIE Chandigarh, and is actively involved with various NGOs like Together We Can Share Responsibility, Aashray, Retain Smilez and more.

It is quite evident that Digital marketing has changed the way companies communicate and operate with their customers. The application and strategies of digital marketing directly impacts the ability of businesses to grow. Priya thus elucidates, “We at Finesse deal in online marketing services that include brand promotions to connect with potential customers using the internet connection and other forms of digital medium. It involves building out purchasers’ personas to identify the audience’s requirements, creating valuable content online, and delivering it to the targeted audience. We plan, strategize, create and implement brand-specific promotional content that will be beneficial for your business. Targeting the right audience and transforming them into the ideal clientele is what we do.”

In her entrepreneurial journey, Priya considers Kiran Mazumdar Shaw as her idol. Being a women entrepreneur and the executive chairperson, and the founder of Biocon Limited has undoubtedly inspired her. It was in one of her industrial visits during her college days that led to a conversation with the founder of Biocon that became a turning point in Priya’s life. However, the biggest support and motivation came in from her parents. At every ups and downs of her entrepreneurial expedition, they stood by her like a rock solid support.

No entrepreneurial journey is complete without its share of bumpy rides. Priya too had to face a lot obstacles before she made it to the top. According to her,

“Being a woman entrepreneur itself is full of hurdles. This goes without saying that people usually poke a lot and starts judging every move. They would assume me to quit this mid-way and get married soon, but my parent’s faith in me never let me fail.”

Being recipient of several awards such as, Alumni of the Year (2012) by LPU, Outstanding Contribution in Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation by Young Indians, and Digital Marketing Expert by Rotary International; Priya has some practical piece of advice to the young entrepreneurs who want to venture in this domain of Digital Marketing. Having confidence over the knowledge you have is of utmost important, but then overconfidence can be a spoiler. Have faith in yourself and not get failures dampen the spirit. Make the failure a staircase to a new and shining world chosen by you for yourself. Most important aspect of running business is to efficiently socialize and network, that’s how a major part of business flows in. However, understanding client’s requirement is of sole importance to a business’ success. Providing a personalised touch to their need adds icing to the cake. So, now we know the secret behind Finesse’s success.

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