He started a simple rack building company. Today, they have been felicitated with the Vijay Ratna Award and a turnover of six crores

Mr Abhishek Panchal and Mr Vishal Panchal, Harihar Steel Products (Gujarat)

He was merely twenty-four years old when he started his business in 1987 intending to capture the hearts of the people. Today, he is a household name for his quality furniture and innovative storage space. Let us find out how he embarked on a journey that made his company the most reliable in the country.

About thirty-four years ago, Mr Hitendrabhai Panchal had minimal resources. Yet, he dared to dream big. Harihar Steel Products was his brainchild. He embraced entrepreneurship in 1987 and worked diligently to achieve recognition for his company. Today, his sons, Mr Abhishek Panchal and Mr Vishal Panchal have taken the legacy forward with their innovative ideas and world-class designs. Harihar Steel Products is perching at unimaginable heights with its enthusiastic approach and steadfast attitude.

Harihar Steel Product is a symbol of trust and quality. It is committed to manufacturing steel furniture, adjustable storage systems, display solutions, lockers, home furniture and mixed products of the highest standard. Harihar Steel Product has established itself for its cost-effectiveness, transparency, and punctual delivery. Today, it is the leading manufacturer of diverse steel furniture and products as it meets customer’s specifications par excellence.

However, Mr Vishal Panchal and Mr Abhishek Panchal had to work their fingers to the bone. Though they were born with a silver spoon, they had to encounter several difficulties to bring Harihar Steel Product to the position it is today. The future of the company was on their shoulders. Taking the legacy forward requires a great deal of responsibility, prudence, and farsightedness. Every well-established business plummets if it does not keep pace with the competitive market. They worked dedicatedly to exceed the expectations of their father and followed his teachings.

“When you join a family business people think you are born with a silver spoon because you have a well-established business, but that’s the only side of the coin. It depends upon the next generation. We are very happy that we are moving towards a better future in our business. We are updating our business step-by-step. We are applying the teachings of our father and his work ethics in our business to take it to the next level.”

says Mr Abhishek Panchal and Vishal Panchal

Mr Hitendrabhai Panchal has been their constant support system. They continue to derive their inspiration and work ethics from him. Both were encouraged by their father’s dedication and followed in his footsteps. The company is backed by high-tech infrastructure, encapsulated engineers, innovative designers, quality analysts, and ISO 9001-2008 quality. The company’s R&D staff work tirelessly to understand the contemporary needs of the customers while maintaining unparalleled quality. Today, Harihar Steel Products has grown tremendously and supplies its products to every corner of the country. It is a regular supplier of quality racks to the major states of the country – Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The duo ensures millions of satisfied customers starting from customized designing of the product to its timely delivery and installation. Their excellent after-sale support is stimulating in building healthy and long-term relationships with the customers. Their honesty, uniqueness, and transparency are their strengths. They are bubbling with enthusiasm to reinvent themselves and humbled to learn every day.

Harihar Steel Products is winning accolades and is honoured with the Vijay Ratna Award for its high-standard diverse furniture and steel products. It has also won the Quality Mark Award.

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