This Indian conglomerate is delivering an unparalleled experience of quality, consistency and exquisity, since 2018

Adipta Majumder – Founder & CEO, Kahhak Industries Pvt Ltd

Kahhak started its journey in 2018 under the able leadership of its chief mentor and founder, Adipta Majumder. Being a vicenarian, when most are busy chalking out their career plan, Adipta was busy giving shape to this ever growing venture and established Kahhak. Headquartered in Kolkata, Kahhak focuses primarily on limitless creations within boundaries with a group of close-knit professionals. Its apopthegm ‘Precision meets Pride’ aptly portrays its ever evolving spirit with world class and unique vibe to adhere impeccable art through various deliverables.

Adipta describes himself as a visionary and innovator with a sound background in the field of consumer goods and services, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals. Being an ardent foodie, his strive towards being a true Food Connoisseur continues. He is experienced in interior designing, food curation, team building, leadership, content writing, and product innovation. In nutshell, he is a man of multiple talents, heading a blooming conglomerate.

Kahhak founded in New Delhi, presents world class standards to the industry aligning by versatility with exclusivity with a vision of delivering a grandiose experience to its patrons. It focuses on limitless creations within boundaries considering the impeccable art of various labels like fine dine ‘The Art of Dumpling’ or ice cream boutique, ‘Kahhak Creamery’ or low emission ‘Sniff Incense’. According to Adipta,

“We as a Kahhakian, exhibit a unique vibe to cohere to impeccable art through various deliverables sustaining the quality, exclusivity and consistency. Versatility with exclusivity is what makes us a Kahhakian as depicted in the four colours of our monogram where Red signifies Passion, Yellow for Perception, Green for Proliferation and Blue for Placidity. We strongly believe that, Once a Kahhakian, always a Kahhakian.”

Their pan-Asian gourmet studio, ‘The Art of Dumpling’ is an epitome of artistic pleasure considering the architectonic, the ambience or the nouvelle cuisine. It offers delectable palates from the Chinese Wok, Indian Clay-Oven, Italian Oven, Japanese Saibashi, Thai Grata and Kahhak Bakers Kitchen. Some impeccably curated dishes with 24KT gold, black gold dumpling, auric black spaghetti and sparkling cranberry are undoubtedly few hot sellers. ‘Kahhak Creamery’ offers handcrafted, velvetiest scoops and shorbets delicately churned by the culinary artists that brings in a startling twist to traditional paragons. Their ice cream boutique offers an opulence taste that will make you reconsider your dessert habits.

Kahhak delivers unparalleled experience to its patrons.  They source the best quality ingredients globally that are vegan and gluten free. They also offer sugar free range of products, considering the global increase in the diabetic population. According to Adipta,

“Our USP for all our deliverables is Versatility with Exclusivity portraying our ever-evolving spirit with world class and unique vibe to adhere to impeccable art through various deliverables.”

Adipta states, “Food is not about just eating. It is nostalgia. It’s a sense of nostalgia that harks back to food-hood, when you’d climb from bed, muzzy-eyed and stomach nattering, before digging into a stack of Mother’s jam biscuit sandwiches. It’s a feeling of familiarity, when you hear them out in the commercials of cookie lines.” Being a foodie and global traveller has inspired him to bring in world-class experience in this industry. His prime inspiration is his parents and on a professional note, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna motivates him.

Since inception, this young businessman dreamt big and had clear visions to accomplish the same. Building a strong, high performance team who would be aligned with the heart and soul of the establishment had indeed been a big hurdle in his initial years. In a developing country like India, financial flow is always a concern in inception. And the pandemic Covid-19 made it more difficult since hospitality industry faced the major blow. Quoting Franklin D Roosevelt, ‘A smooth sea never makes good sailors’. However, having a clear vision and making wise decisions at the right hour has always kept him moving forward. One has to face challenges as and when it comes up and not shy away from experimenting. The pursuit to perfection and precision requires immense stoicism and perseverance, and his strive to sustain versatility with exclusivity continues.

To all newbies, the CEO of Kahhak has some tips to share in order to succeed in the field of entrepreneurship. A famous quote from Albert Einstein, ‘We know what we are but know not what we may be,’ has been an inspiration for Adipta since his youth. Self-assurance and self-motivation plays a pivotal role when it comes to exploring and portraying one’s career canvas with versatility. In this dynamic industry, it is worth experimenting provided one retains their essence and uniqueness.

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