This Makeup artist is beautifying brides by bringing out their inner beauty through her craft

Usha S Raakesh – Founder, Usha S Raakesh Makeup Studio

In today’s time, it is important to look beautiful, and to enhance one’s inner beauty, Usha S Raakesh had opened up her makeup studio to give all her clients that touch of magic wand. She started her venture in 2019 with a capital investment of INR 3 lakh, which now generates an income of nearly INR 12 lakh annually. Usha feels that, when one looks beautiful it feels beautiful, and it’s that kind of happiness that she tries to provide to women every day. As a makeup artist she has dolled up many brides and successfully services 100 clients.

Usha identifies herself as a “new age” woman, who is set to pursue her dreams and finds excitement in striking a balance between professional and personal life. That’s what satisfies her and she relishes the simplest things to find joy. According to her,

“I always wanted to balance my work & life and this is the career, I knew that with my dream job I could accomplish it. I am a wonderful daughter, lovely wife, proud mother and an entrepreneur of 2 different Business. And I am proud of it all.”

Today, wedding isn’t just a ceremony, it is the most exciting event that happens in anybody’s life. It is a memorable occasion, and hence constant effort goes in making the brides look at their best on their big day. It is also highly competitive market & hence understanding client requirement is key to strike a chord with the ultimate deliverables.

Going ahead, she wants to open branches of her studio across the country and thereby create employment opportunities to others and thereby empowering the less fortune ones. She always wanted to do something of her own, and hence jumped into the entrepreneurial band-wagon. She didn’t want to regret later and hence started at the age of 25 by taking risk. It was her husband who stood by her side and supported her decision. He even encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Usha admires Sudha Murthy, and takes inspiration from her. Her simplicity and humbleness are very encouraging, also the way she balances everything is simply praise worthy. During initial days of her business, Usha had to go through some rough patches. Being mother of a toddler and running around for work early morning at 3 am wasn’t normal way of functioning, those sleepless days, wasn’t easy. But when you enjoy your work, nothing matters. In fact, these difficult situations have further made her stronger. Maintaining relationship with client is crucial in this line of business, and Usha being social and easily approachable further makes it easy.

Staying positive and focused is the success mantra which she wants to share with the new age entrepreneurs. Riding high on “YIFW Golden Achievement Award 2022” for the category Best Makeup Artist Bengaluru and “Rajya Ratna Award 2022” for the category Celebrity Makeup Artist, Usha wants to keep going and beautify her clients like an angel.

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