This Successful Edupreneur is helping students acquire Foreign Language Skills

Dhruva Nathwani – Co-Founder & CEO, The Foreign Language Institute

This Biotechnologist was quick to realise that corporate sector wasn’t for her and didn’t waste time to take a plunge into entrepreneurship. Read her story of success to find out how her institute is helping students in acquiring foreign language skills.

With a vision to provide an all-encompassing solution to various learning needs of the society, The Foreign Language Institute (TFLI) started its journey in 2014. This Pune based institute imparts training on foreign languages, thereby enabling individuals to enhance their persona and make them career oriented. Their task doesn’t end once the training for the language is completed, they also provide placement assistance to their students. In last few years, it has ventured and collaborated with various renowned Institutes, Trusts, Activity Centres, and Immigration Consultants, which in turn has created a win-win situation for all stake holders.

Head Office : Pune ,
Location of work : Global

TFLI’s co-founder, Dhruva Nathwani, is a Biotechnology student who worked in the corporate sector for a while, before she realised that she wasn’t enjoying any more. As a result, she joined the venture which was started by her elder brother, and now several years of TFLI’s launch this Edupreneur is proudly training students in 20+ languages across 6 branches. Till date TFLI has over 20,000 students all over the globe. Creating professions have always been at the back of her mind, and being an entrepreneur gives him the liberty to do so, as a result Dhruva finds her role perfect in this entrepreneurial eco system.

Since inception, they have been training students hands-on in languages like French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Persian etc and aiming to reach up to 200 + languages in the upcoming years. As per Dhruva,

“With trained and experienced professionals in our team we always look to devise methods for students to Aspire Achieve and Excel by igniting the infinite in them. Our task doesn’t end once the training for the language is complete, we also provide placement assistance to our students.”

Dhruva feels that her venture is a bit unique and unlike other businesses where one sells something or the other, here at TFLI, giving back to the society in form of educating the learners with all knowledge is a noble deed. They are more like selling vision, dreams, future, hope and prospect to create a career of an individual with calibre. In an era of increasing globalization, the world today is shrinking, and getting smaller and smaller. As a result, proficiency in any foreign language opens up a variety of career scope and job opportunities in India as well as abroad. TFLI only exist to help others achieve their language goals.

Mr Krupal Nathvani, Founder Director of TFLI, has always been the key driving force behind the company’s quick success.TFLI is genuinely inspired by their long term vision, clear focus, and is empowered to deliver results, achieve goals. Their work makes a difference, and hence are committed to quality education and creating new-age professionals in the field of foreign language learning. The firm works on four core values – integrity, responsibility, opportunity, and respect.

As an entrepreneur, Dhruva believes that she works best under pressure of the opinion that everyone brings out the superlative within themselves under pressure just like how a diamond needs to bring out its elite sparkle. According to him,

“We thrive on seeing students learn languages with us and go on to use them for their betterment. There is truly no other feeling that matches up to the satisfaction of providing the best service we can to people who are equally willing to take advantage of it. This, we think, is our core value and also serves as a passion that always keeps us going.”

Her key to success is never unidirectional. Infact she endorses of being a “key maker” with diligence and persistence, so that a lot of keys can be accessed. To all aspiring entrepreneurs, Dhruva advices to be themselves and tells them to do things by choice and not by chance. Prove yourself enough for others to choose you among others, when they have the option to select even nothing. While pandemic was a disaster, for her sector, it was a blessing in disguise. It provided them an opportunity to go global and shifted to a hybrid mode of learning and teaching. With sky being the limit, her short term goals encompass targeting atleast 500 B2B clients including schools, colleges and its equivalent of corporates in the upcoming 3 years. We wish him and her venture the very best.

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