Took 20 Years To Establish His Dream Into Reality, Now Called Country’s Leading Interior Brand

Ajinkya Ullas Dhumal, owner of the INFINITY. He started his journey as an Interior Designer on 7th July 2002,  22 years back. Coming from a simple Maharashtrian family, the grind and the Design world exploration helped him improve the entire perspective. This struggle, combined with his initial failures, encouraged him to explore his interest in sketching further. Comprehending the taste and touch of luxury helped his company to own and set a standard in its exclusivity.

From the beginning, the Undertaking design project from concept to completion, and defining project regulations and schedule during the “brief” Interpreting and translating customer needs into reality. The organization provides the customers with a set of aesthetically pleasing but efficient solutions for better use of the space in question. His goal is to improve the user experience by better managing the space available in the intervened environment.

The USP Of The Business

INFINITY is the only company that provides all services under one roof like Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management Consultancy, MEP Services (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), 3D Visualization, and Annual Management Contracts. Probably the only Design firm in the region where every given site has a dedicated Site engineer and individual Designer other than the principal Designer. The design is comfortable, and luxury is manifested in the materials used. Comfort, aesthetic, and luxury are well balanced, but it primarily is about function, followed by aesthetics.

“Value your time by putting a price tag on it. Your time is the greatest resource, and one thing you can’t get back”- Ajinkya Ullas Dhumal.

Attitude Towards Business

According to him, a Problem-solving attitude and focus on being part of the solution is the primary key to overcome challenges. Thus, he says, “Do not linger around the problems, be a part of the solution team,” and that is the Mantra at Infinity to overcome any challenges. All of the designs are made with a holistic approach. So, if one looks at any of his projects, they can feel the passion touching them. A powerhouse of creative talent, a skilled workforce, and a dedicated team, along with a reliable source of vendors, is Infinity’s key to accomplishing challenges of any magnitude. Absorbing diverse insights from all the departments and applying towards various hurdles constructively.

Advice To The Youth

As the design is a matter of preference and individual liking, there is no perfect advice, says him. However, there are a few outstanding design styles that are widely accepted by the general clients as timeless and comfortable. He thinks “anyone thinking of starting their company should have work experience of six to eight years at least in the same industry.”

He further says, and we quoted, “to reach somewhere, we need to start from somewhere. This philosophy only works when we have a properly defined process. Take charge of your own personality and harness it with empirical encounters.”

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