Training Indian Classical Music to Gen-Next lot of Musicians, Vocalists and Composers

Nilesh C Mhatre – Founder, NaadBramha Music Academy

Based out of Mumbai, NaadBramha Music Academy ( is a modern music academy imparting training in traditional Indian classical music. Over the years, it has gained the reputation for providing scientific training of Indian Classical Music which includes classical vocal, harmonium, tabla, pakhawaz, guitar, keyboard and classical fusion. Each dedicated disciple can have the opportunity to perform with their Guru’s on several occasions. NaadBramha gives the confidence to all disciples within a year to perform professionally on stage which happens because of some of their special teaching techniques. They do not follow the concept of batch training, instead believes in individual focus on every student. In a mission to create “artists” it provides personal attention to each disciple to grow him effectively with all the aspects of music. Teaching method is so easy and always oriented towards practical performance that in no time they gain confidence to perform live in front of audience.

Nilesh Chandrakant Mhatre, the founder of NaadBramha Music Academy is a Mechanical engineer and has also graduated in vocal classical music. He is employed with a leading MNC since 2003 and kept alive his passion for music with his Guru Pt. Rameshbuwa Dhanawade. After spending a decade under his traditional taaleem of Indian Classical Vocal Music, Nilesh established Naadbramha Music Academy in the year 2004. According to him,

“I never know when my music passion got converted in profession within 17 years from establishment. But it is really a good impact on my personal and professional life. I started getting a good people in life and their respect for me and my Academy.”

While talking to music enthusiasts, Nilesh figured out their thirst to learn quality music in a professional way. As a result, he developed his own syllabus and effective music therapy to teach Naadbramha students. He filtered out almost all technical challenges in music learning which he had faced himself during his learning period. Today it makes him happy to see that more than 500 students are training in various fields like singing, harmonium, tabla, mridingam, guitar, keyboard and classical dance at Naadbramha.

This is their third generation in music. Nilesh’s grandfather, late Bhaskar Mahadev Mhatre has been his inspiration in the field of music. He was classical vocalist and used to perform classical devotional music. His father, Chandrakant Bhaskar Mhatre is his Idol who has served 35 years of life for Indian Oil Corporation Limited. He has made his own world based on his hard work and dedication. He taught Nilesh the real ethics of life and provided moral as well as strong financial support during the successful journey of life.  In fact, his grandfather ignited a spark of music in him during his early childhood, and his father supported him to ignite that spark.

Nilesh admits that one of the biggest challenges for every music teacher is consistency of student for at least three years. It is always struggling job for the teacher to keep students encouraged to maintain his stability during music learning. Because every age group is having different challenges to practice due their hectic schedules. But Naadbramha had already overcome these challenges by igniting the spark. Time Management has always been a struggling factor for Nilesh. To maintain good work life balance, he follows DWM (Daily Work management) very strictly. On the contrary, his wife contributes big role for managing the time effectively.

In his teaching tenure of 17 years, Nilesh observed that there are many institutes in market, having big names and reputation. But their educational quality is not yet assured. In music field, unit of measure of quality is PERFORMANCE. And after learning for several years if students are unable to perform then there is ZERO value for their education. There should not be a commercialization in education. Also, there is no policy from Government to support music institutes in form of space, facilities, marketing, opportunities etc. Also, there is no proper channel and policy to demand support from Government or Local Authorities.

This recipient of “Student’s Choice Award – 2016” by feels that music is a divine energy, and academies are just a medium to transfer this energy to every disciple with pure quality. One has to maintain this divine flow of energy with devotional purity.

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