Used Imagination As Hammer To Craft His Art: His Interior Designs Only Build Memories

Nishant Umesh Desai, Umesh Desai And Associates’ present owner, is a 31 years old interior designer, bringing his father’s legacy forward.

Started at 23 years, he believes “Uninhabited Imagination Is Key For Good Design.”  It is his wit and knowledge that is reflecting & flourishing the business. A young entrepreneur with the best sense of art knows how to make his way to the top.

Legacy & More

Initially started by Mr Umesh Desai (his father) in1987. The business is now a place for designing and planning commercial, hospitality, and residential interiors.

According to younger Mr Desai, the firm tries to solve space constraint through space planning, and it adds aesthetic value to an otherwise normal space/object or product. It hence adds aesthetic value within the required budget given.

For Nishant, taking the 30 plus year business legacy ahead is the apex orientation. As he is extremely fond of his father’s work, he takes sincere measurements of his imagination to blend with the business.

“Personally, my father, Mr Umesh Desai, is my idol; everything from creating a line to a drawing is all his learnings/lessons.”

Talking about inspiration, he also mentioned Ricardo Bofill, John Pawson, Einstein, and associates, to name a few.

As Nishant chose to be deliberately honest about the facts that made him a successful businessman today, he says that struggles as an entrepreneur were to build a strong team over the years.

Quality is always more important than quantity Hence, having a small team creative, productive, and detailed oriented work is far more important than creating expansive work. Personalisation is key.

“Travelling has had a huge impact professionally. Different cultures teach you new things. helps expand your horizon towards design and art.”

In all these years, the hunger to learn and explore with a balance of good academic basics is what drove him to success. With time, he created personalised spaces which help promote versatile, functional design.

Like a true witty individual, his remarks “every day is a new story; a new lesson”  is clear enough to understand his perspective towards his craft and life. His generous comment that exploring more will expand one’s imagination and help create something we should all apply in our lives.

To Nishant Desai, “creating good design is everyone’s goal”, but to him, “what is important is to create and design something memorable”, and we couldn’t agree more on that.

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