Walking On The Footsteps Of Her Mother, Mrs Kumria Has Created A Legacy In Numerology

How would you like it if you were given a chance to get help from the professional who’d help you to get out of your issues? How would you like to have an easy way out of all your complications? Difficulties and drawbacks are parts and parcels of our lives. These drawbacks are nothing but a piece of hurdle that needs to be crossed with effectiveness.

However, one needs the help of those professionals who are capable of helping others get through these hurdles. Knowing how important the role of a life coach is, Mrs Sakshi Duggal Kumria, took the path of numerology to produce a result assessed by including the cogency of a numerologist.

Her zeal to help others come out of the complicatedness of life has shaped her to be a philanthropist, an active social worker based in Gurgaon. Her knowledge and experience in the field of numerology, Vastu consultancy, and as a life coach has given her the edge she needed to flourish.

She uses her skill and acquired an understanding of human life by observing people from all walks of life. It not only helped her to get her to start working as someone to whom people can look up to.

“With 18+ Years of experience and knowledge in these areas I have helped in transforming the lives of infinite people by being their mentor and guide.”

Believing in herself, believing in the fact that she is the chosen one to nurture and shape others’ future, she has started a trading path that will lead to the solution of all the issues that keep people in distress. By using the science of nine planted, namely numerology, she became rather proficient in achieving the desired outcome of one’s life.

The influence of her mother:

It was her mother who helped her shape her future, it was her mother who inspired her to become a Numerologist. Her mother, Mrs Rita Duggal is a world-famous Numerologist, seeing her mother gives her all for the benefit of others inspired her to take the route of a numerologist. She efficiently seized the moment and took the initiation to build up her career in her mother’s field.

“I inherited this ocean of knowledge from my Role model – My Mother, world fame Numerologist – Mrs Rita Duggal

By acquiring what she knows now, she has marked her journey by earning recognition in India as she regularly gets featured in magazines and news channels as she continues to spread positivity through this process of science.

Her awareness about society and how to help the people who are suffering from something unexplainable got her accolades from various National & Global platforms. Recently, she won the award for Best women Numerologist in India for being an inspiration to women. She claims that she is where she is with the support and care of her mother, her husband, and her children.

The essence of her philanthropic outlook:

Taking her mother as an inspiration, taking her mother as a source of motivation who continuously supported her after the demise of her father, Mrs Kumria comprehends the need to rise to the occasion so that those who are voiceless, those who are suffering can be raised above that distressing situation.

“I am the Youngest President of Lioness Club Anaya an NGO who believes in serving the needy and has been actively running the NGO and serving the society for the needs of Underprivileged.”

Being a true believer of karma, Mrs Kumria has been working towards providing education to the future of India by providing stationery, meals, health services to them. Not only the adoption of NGO schools, but she also works towards the establishment of youth development, women empowerment, and making them for the aged.

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