A dream begins with an idea to change and ends with its execution. His dream was no different. It began with an idea to change what bothered him and ended with his pioneering success. But that’s really not an end for him. He has great aspirations for his journey in the future. A vivid interest in traveling and exploring innovative ideas encouraged him to start his own firm in 2017. However, this road to success was certainly not easy. But his zeal to make an impact in the world, kept him going. His wish for a workplace that is a blend of ideas and creativity has been fulfilled by the struggle he went through. The struggle to start something new. The struggle that allowed InfoTech to be born.

Mr. Rahul Layal hailed from a family with a secure business background. It’s quite predictable then, that the Managing Director of his family business was one of the most obvious career options in front of him. But he thought differently. Mr. Rahul had always been a thinker and wanted to be his own master. He opted out of his family business and joined Software Solutions Company as an employee. However, this 9 to 5 traditional IT job did not appeal to him. He was eager to explore beyond the realms of Orthodox IT Companies and mundane office jobs. What he craved were the creative and fresh ideas to make a significant impact.

In response to his inner urges, he went on to establish his own firm IOTA Infotech Private limited at the young age of 25 years. Today, after the hard work of three years, IOTA Infotech has emerged as one of the most renowned firms in the country with a six-figure turnover and a team of over 80 professionals worldwide. The company aims to add a flair of creativity with a twist of smart business approaches and new industry talents in the monotonous world of business and technology.

Today IOTA Infotech is known as a Creative Agency that provides marketing solutions to businesses. Marketing is a core part of any business today. To be esteemed as a competent brand in the market, to thrive as an entrepreneur, marketing is the most crucial part. And that is what Mr. Rahul Layal is offering his services for! This includes Branding, Growth Hacking, Inbound marketing, etc. The marketing techniques and solutions combined with innovation and fresh ideas offered by Infotech are working towards the growth of businesses and start-ups all across the world.

Apart from being a very innovative entrepreneur Mr. Rahul Layal is also a great learner. He has an optimistic mindset to look at challenges and struggles as opportunities for growth.No wonder he has managed to improve his knowledge and experience over the years to take his company to a higher pedestal. Furthermore, he is not one of those people who are focused only on outcomes or revenues. He has learned to celebrate small victories and ace through tough days in his business to enjoy the journey more than the destination.

“I have been a firm believer in a workplace which is a blend of experience with new ideas and talents. Yes, every failure gave an extended opportunity to learn and every small achievement glorified the efforts,” says Mr. Rahul Layal.

Some of the toughest problems he admits to having come across while starting his new company from scratch are- hunting for the most effective team, to maintain consistency in the growth of business and evolve along with the technology advancements.

Indian Achiever’s Forum recently honoured his firm IOTA Infotech with an award for the Emerging Company 2020-2021. Nevertheless, his dreams do not stop here. He has very high expectations from his company in the future and is motivated to grow and accomplish new achievements every year.

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