Living up to his childhood dream of creating landmark buildings through his own venture

Ar. KG Mohan – Director, Aurora Architects & Construction

Established in 2018, Aurora Architects & Construction, is what a childhood dream of an aspiring architect has shaped up into. Since kid, Mohan was interested in buildings and by the time he turned 25, he ventured into his own firm that addressed clients’ need to form several functional buildings across the town of Jolarpet in Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu. Dealing with architecture, engineering, planning, interiors, graphics and sustainability – Mohan’s firm is focused on delivering high-quality and inspirational projects in several core segments including civil, commercial, education, and healthcare.

Being an entrepreneur was always in the back of his mind and eventually when Mohan started his journey with Aurora Architects & Construction, he learned the tricks of the trade gradually. He explains,

“Perfection is the goal we attain with all our projects no matter the scale. Reaching out to different clients and keeping up to their expectations, giving them the space they imagined in the best way helps in getting more business.”

Mohan feels that studying architecture itself is a great motivation behind opening up his own venture and has been the main driving force behind embarking into the entrepreneurial journey. The skills taught in the course work are actually quite good for managing your own firm. The field of architecture itself is an encouragement to start on your own. However, professionally he is inspired by Frank Gehry, the Canadian-American architecture, whose deconstructive forms are iconic and attracts global tourists. Further his ability to create spaces that manipulate forms and surfaces is his most notable feats and architect aspirants love his unique use of materials that almost defy all logic in how they work together. Mohan’s father too played a huge role in his career.

After successfully serving local clients, Mohan plans to expand his business to a couple of cities and deliver best possible services to the new set of clients. Aurora Architects’ USP has always been about creating places that enhance human experiences and offering a complete and integrated package.

Being a new age entrepreneur, Mohan capitalizes social media to showcase his work which in turn helps him in generating enquiry which eventually translates into business. On asking him about the key essentials to thrive in this line of business, he responds, “Self-belief, strong domain knowledge and endless love for the field of Architecture can help you excel.” He then shares his piece of advice to the young entrepreneurs. According to him, success shouldn’t make one fly nor should failure break you down. Keep calm and take things positively. 

At Aurora, Ar Mohan builds values through innovation which is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back whatever is good, beautiful, useful, and is lasting. He feels that a room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at us and create fantasy – that’s the beauty of creation.

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