A 26 Year Old & Already A Founder: She Is A Young Entrepreneur Inspiring Many

Nancy Jain, in the position of directorship of NR (Nancy Jain) Decors, is based in Guwahati, Assam. Coming from a business family background, starting something on her own had always driven her to the creative side of becoming an entrepreneur of interior design. She has always been very creative and had a world within herself where every image could turn into reality.

Started her business at 22, she now has a successful business running at 26. Like many business owners, she always had dreams of working for herself. As she would like to convey,

I ended up seeing a niche in the business and I decided to take advantage of it.”

Just like that when a friend of hers advised her to do what she’s good at, it simply led her to start the business that makes work fun for her every day!

Her Venture

In 2016, the business took off! At NR Decor, they create designs that add value to client’s Offices/showrooms/commercial spaces covering every nook and corner. She also creates a flexible, functional environment that optimizes their space. Her interior design does not cost- they earn. Her mission is to create a special paradise for every client which will define their exact desire.

Taking a degree from JD institutes in the year 2013, she introduced herself to the field as an interior designer. The company makes inside spaces utilitarian, safe, and lovely by deciding space necessities and choosing brightening things, for instance, hues, lighting, and materials. They read diagrams and also know about construction laws and assessment controls, and also all-inclusive openness principles.

For the future, she believes that the scope of Interior Design is tremendous. With an ever-growing population & increasing demand for houses, flats, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. anything which can be a thing about or dreamt of, required by human beings, requires Interior Designers. Therefore, she holds a secure place in the business.

“Be fearless and have fun when you are planning to style your interior, be it office space or your home”

Were There Any Challenges?

There sure have been challenges for her as well. But most of them were with herself. In the process of becoming an entrepreneur, she faced Self-doubt, she knew that an entrepreneur’s life is not enviable, at least in the beginning. It’s exceptionally easy to get gloomy when something goes not planned or when you’re not growing as fast as you would prefer. In these times, self-doubt comes in, and you suffer. But, she also knew that being able to overcome self-doubt is a necessary trait for her. Having a good support system from family and friends helped her reach her goals.

There were also issues with the budget, marketing strategy, time management, and other stuff, but she overcomes them beautifully.

She is also immensely confident in the work that she does. As she says, “I ampassionate and positive. Passion is the most important trait of a successful entrepreneur. I genuinely love what I do and are willing to put in the extra hours to make their business grow. I get a sense of satisfaction from my work that goes beyond making money.

Throughout her journey, the learning has been to work on reprogramming her brain to win, so she can pivot and learn from her failure and move toward success.

She has won the best interior design award in  JD annual design awards-2012, Guwahati, and there are plenty more to come. She is young and flourishing and we all stan an independent woman like nobody else.

If you’re inspired with this story, do share it with your friends and family & be their fountain of positivity! Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with us in the comment section; we care for all of you!

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