Making His Way Up From The Bottom, The Story Of A Young Man Would Inspire You To Build A Nation Full Of Promises

Where would our future be if not the pillar to education was effective? Where would our country be if the young minds did not have the right agency to motivate them, to work with them, to help them rise against all odds?

Knowing the values of education, one person with the courage borrowed from APJ Abdul Kalam, Mr. M Sharathi Kumaar, started walking his journey towards establishing a future where no gifted kid will go uneducated.

Education is the food to cultivate minds, education is the need to create the future of the nation. Understanding the importance of education, Mr. Kumaar initiated Global Multi Solutions to become the ‘cool mentor’ to those kids.

Holding two master’s degrees in HR & International Marketing, he knows how the industry works. Utilizing his knowledge that was received in the books, and by employing them on the field, he ended up making most of his talents. Creating his organization in the year 2011, which focuses on the market for Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Tourism Training institute.

“It’s a Training & Placements service provider, courses offered for Degree, Diploma & Professional certification course for Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Tourism, IT & Distance Education degree”

Focusing on enhancing the skills of those candidates who can make a change in the industry, the main aspect of his institution is to bridge the gap that lies in preparing the candidates by developing their skills to erase the lack of potentiality among candidates and the vacancy in the industry.

By developing them from the core, lending them with the knowledge that the faculty tries to deliver, they have created a force of 13500 students who rely on them to decrease the surge of unemployment.

The struggles he faced:

Due to the financial crisis, Mr. Kumaar could not continue his studies. But his zeal to get the degrees and to feed his curiosity, he took the road of distance education to feed his curiosity.

Attaining two postgraduate degrees, he achieved his dreams as he continued to work in different sectors to hone his skills so that he can reach the pinnacle of success fast. When asked about the struggles he had to face while managing in the institution, he claimed that being in the educational sector, the most common issue rested on the lack of awareness and recognition about it.

Lack of awareness was one of the challenges that he faced while establishing the foundation of his company. Not only that but managing the momentum of providing quality education so that their reputation doesn’t waver was something challenging too. As the question of success doesn’t only rest upon the teacher, it also rests on the efforts that a student puts in.

“By providing quality education & service which today made the company as a well-known brand in the market”

By overcoming this issue, they managed to create a space where thousands of students come to them for establishing a foundation.

What kept him going:

The thought that kept him going through all storms was a quote by APJ Abdul Kalam, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. This particular quote energized through rough times as he engraved the ideologies of Sir Kalam in him, following his footsteps, ascertaining the foundation of the future of the nation.

“A P J Abdul Kalam inspired me in a lot of ways but one thing which inspired me most was his reaction and adaptation to Failure. He never stopped working and dreaming just because of failure instead he worked harder.”

By adapting to the situations, getting up after being knocked down, they managed to rise to the top with three accolades to their name, The Consistency business award, Best Placements award, and Best Collection award.

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