Fighting All The Injustices In The Male-dominating Industry, Ar. Deshpande Continues To Imbue Her Talent To Make Someone’s Dream Come True

Have you ever wondered what makes a lifeless brick come alive? Have you ever wondered what makes the place feel livelier? Have you ever wondered about the significance of an open place? Have you ever wondered why people tend to put their emphasis on turning that open place into something that they can call home? The answer is simple. It is because they want to make a place that resembles their psyche, it is because they want to make an open place turn into their home which represents their personalities.

It is the architect’s job to turn an open place into a living personification that embodies the liveliness and the characteristics of the person alone. This is one of the basic principles of an architect, and like many, AR. Shruti Deshpande shares the same view. Starting her business at the young age of 23, in 2010, she started her own enterprise with some talented people that share her views. AR. Shruti Deshpande & Associates seeks to establish a place that tends to build others’ dreams up from the scratch.

Her firm provides architectural solutions to corporate as well as independent clients. An all-rounder service which includes Of Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Project Management Consultant as well as Scientific Vastu Shastra Expertise, the firm has focused on providing the people with the contribution towards making it more sustainable and livable.

The Essence Of Their Firm:

When asked about what kind of problems that her firm solves, she commented that it was the deliverance of freedom to the middle-class society that prompted her to start her own firm.

“The problem of a middle-class person to live a lavish lifestyle without pouring his hard-earned money whole into his house alone”

Creating a place where the desires of people can take a concrete realization, the firm tends to focus on providing the clients with the option to get their dream space. Their thoughtful and unique approach while developing their dream space goes beyond any means. They want to turn it into a global movement that can formulate a space where anyone can see their dream come true in a cost-effective way.

“To make it a global movement so that each person lives a life of his dream”

The Encouragement She Received:

Taking inspiration from many self-made women entrepreneurs of her time, she continued to take charge of her own future. Believing that she can make the much-needed change in the realm of architecture, she continued to go ahead in this world so that she can create a place for herself in this unfair place.

After ten years in the industry by working hard using her creative imagination and incorporating those beautiful visions into concrete realization, she created a niche that she strived for. Throughout time, only one thing kept her going. The thought of making others’ vision to see the day of light kept her moving forward.

Understanding that she holds the power to make others’ vision come true, she charged towards that Rocky Road to reach a better place.

“The vision that everyone should have their dream home.”

Words Of Advice:

Knowing how much struggles one may face in their face, as she did in the male-dominating industry, the only advice that she could impart to the young mind at work is to

“just be sensitive and truthful to your profession, work hard, and achieve your dreams and vision”.

This ideology of hers helped her to keep straight and kept her working as hard as she could. The awards, National Quality Excellence Award 2020 and Forever Star Superwomen 2020 stand as a witness for those successes.

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