A Humanitarian Entrepreneur Creates A Platform To Give Voice To Voiceless

The detrimental effects of prolonging issues that have been slowly taking the vitality of the society have to be done away with effectively and efficiently. Onerous conditions regarding educational institutions, financial issues, and issues that disrupt civil society’s nature have to be dealt with by the corporation with robust ideologies and the knowledge to handle any kind of challenges.

Understanding the aspect of what society needs to create a world a better place, Chinu Kwatra, the director of Rama Enterprises & Khushiyaan Foundation, has found ways to redeem society from those destructive issues. Initiating his foundation in 2014 with nothing but 7-8 lakhs to jumpstart the establishment, he has created quite a reputation in India.

By providing the necessary elements that are needed to sustain the kids and women in India, the organization seeks to establish a safe space for those in need by their inclusion of the fierce mode of work for the society. Starting with nothing but the best of the intention, the foundation’s main aspect is to nurture them by providing them with the basics of elements.

“Currently, we are feeding 1800 kids daily in 5 cities of India, Cleaning nine beaches in Mumbai, manufacturing & distributing Sanitary napkins to 5000 ladies every month & feeding 500 strays for the last three years.”

Taking this to the next level, he started to promote his organization on the social platform as a form of invitation as well as a promotion so that many willing people can come forward to unite as a consolidated form. This helped Mr. Kwatra spread awareness and create a platform where many like-minded people can contribute to making this place more tolerable.

“Chinu has spread awareness among lakhs of people since 2017 by conducting seminars, workshops, etc. incorporates, school, colleges & other institutions.”

His work was recognized by many as he received Swacchtagiri Award by G North Ward of M.C.G.M in 2017. It led him to be felicitated by many recognized organizations like UN Environment head in 2018, Bhamla foundation, etc.

The essence of his organization:

The foundation is built on his belief that he can provide sustenance to those who need it. To give the voiceless a voice, they lend a helping hand to those who want to walk, provide the necessary item to those who are even robbed of their basic needs, and were the main essence of the foundation.

Through their initiation, many hungry kids are fed; many necessities are fulfilled. With that, the gap that lies between the knowledge of these voiceless and the lack of initiation to create awareness by the certain facilitated organization was filled by Mr. Kwatra.

“Create awareness among the people, which is the need of the society. Promoting green products.”

Many institutions well appreciated the 360° awareness that covers the humanitarian approach and the approach to saving the environment. Their organization soon turned into a brand that was enough to sustain the director as well as those in need of help.

“Using this brand name in a positive way to generate funds for self-sustaining through brand promotions on social media.”

Diverging in many streams, Mr. Kwatra tries to cover most areas that need assistance and subsidy. Believing in the fact that one can do business and social work together, Mr. Kwatra has become the living example of a person who has chosen to correspond with humanity.

Advice to young minds:

Being driven to the corner of the world in 2014, when Mr. Kwatra was trying to seek relief in this cruel world, his mother gave him that ray of hope to keep going forward. By listening to his mother, who advised him to keep doing what he wants to do, he chose a path that turned out to be beneficial for him.

Finding the opportunity in the market and grabbing every chance that he had, he established a place where he can be happy. With this much experience, he has only one thing to say to those aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Be you, and the world will follow.”

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