A Man With An Idea Clears All Hurdle To Give A Future To The Young Minds At Work

Where would we be without the help of our instructors? Be it for educational or professional reasons, the main reason why instructors are important is that they are the ones who fill the gap between us not knowing something and later bestowed with the knowledge. The instructor is the only thing that can make a difference in our lives.

Knowing the importance of an instructor, PARITOSH  RAJENDRA TELURE opened a firm that looks after the needs of others so that they can gain the knowledge they deserve in time. With the help of his firm, IPSIT GROUP & ACADEMY, Nashik in Maharashtra, and many of his colleagues, at the age of 23 started the journey to help subside the mediocrity of people with their talent and zeal for imparting knowledge.

Mr. Telure, who is a National level Award Winner Professional Trainer & Counselor, Psychometrics, Dermatoglyphics & Educational Expert, has overcome the issue of lack of proficient instructors. His firm stands to reason that quality teaching can be done and it is very much possible.

Taking up this ideology as the flag of his firm, he continues to grow as a person, a tutor, and a director. Having morals and ethics that are needed to thrive in this field, Mr. Telure uses his knowledge and years of experience to good use.

What His Business Is And How It Creates An Impact In The Marketplace:

The need for a proficient instructor has always been the crux of the existence of the firm. Providing benefactors with life management and education is the most important thing that can help someone have smooth sailing. The academic dealing was launched to inspire people to learn, prepare for their future, and come out as someone who knows what he or she is doing.

They cover many aspects of teaching because learning knows no bounds and there are many things that others want to know. Starting from Entrance exams preparation to E-learning, from Professional training and workshops on Personality Development to Communication skills, from Soft skills development to Stress and life management, there are no boundaries that will stop you from learning.

Apart from this, they are also adept at covering Psychometrics, Dermatoglyphics, BA & DMIT. With that in mind, they help the students to understand themselves better so that they can make themselves better.

“From the very beginning, our focus is to inspire & develop people, to help them to better understand themselves, their interpersonal skills, a hidden talent so that they can be better professionals in future & moreover a satisfied & happy human being”

The Challenges He Faced:

Knowing full well how society operates to bring those with a dream to fall from their place, he focused on providing the young minds with a safe space where they can flourish and thrive.

Knowing how society questions each motive a man possesses, and how they are not letting traditionality be a bygone, they had a hard time finding the niche they wanted to create with their firm. However, with the good education and counseling background, he managed to overcome the issue effectively which resulted in creating this firm.

“Whenever you try to bring about the change, they doubt you, question you, they are not ready to change traditional thinking or processes & will not cooperate or entertain you.”

Learning from this issue, he continued to walk ahead in his life as he now knows, he will be able to overcome anything. This mindset landed him with awards such as the National Trainer Award By Media Council Of India, National Level Pratibha Samman Golden Peacock Award, National Darpankar Shikshak Samrat Award by B.J.Patrakar Sangh India, Best Trainer Award from Mindtech Internationals, Shikshak Gaurav Puraskar from SVN, and many more.

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