Taking Inspiration From Her Father, Believing In The Power Of Education, Ms. Patel Started Walking A Path That Is Seldom Taken

What does a parent need to make sure that their child grows up to be someone that matches their expectation? A parent goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of their future. It starts from the foundation on which other origins of successes are based. Believing in the same ideals that parents share about the future of their children, Ms. Divya Patel created a safe place for those children who need guidance to get to the place that their parents have always thought of.

Ms. Patel’s FBH International, which was initiated in 2015, looks forward to engraving basic principles and information that a child needs to strengthen their basic knowledge. Keeping in mind the necessity of the children academically, Ms. Patel, and her team in FBH International have been incorporating ways to make their teaching methods more engaging and advanced.

Keeping in lieu of the contemporary progressiveness, they are adapting to many methods to provide the students, which now stands at 180, with the best of the education that they deserve. Their main goal is providing the students with quality education bolstered using advanced methods and strategic planning in an effective way maintaining a cost-effective solution. Their approach was accepted by the parents of 180 students as they enrolled their children to get the best of the best from the bunch.

The essence of FBH International:

Starting only 5 years ago, Mrs. Patel has ingrained her ideologies and concepts on the stone of her creation. Her ideals being a place where children can thrive and learn smartly while providing a cost-effective solution to the parents.

The main aspect of this particular concept behind providing the children with the education they need is to provide them with the foundation upon which their whole knowledge can be constructed. Starting from a few students, they have come up to 180 students.

Three batches of 60 students conduct their online classes in this pandemic. No matter what complications may arise, their team comes up with an effective solution so that no student of theirs can be left without learning new things.

“In this pandemic situation, we are working online and conducting LIVE online classes of 1hour for the 60 children of age group 3 to 5years”

Their classroom teacher-centric solution not only helps them to achieve the end that they have been wanting for a long time but helps them to accomplish a few certain values, be it cultural or social. A unique approach through conducting parental workshops not only leaves them with a lasting impression but helps them connect with their environment and people around them.

“The celebrations we conduct builds social and cultural values amongst the little children. This helps them to take a step ahead for a brighter future.”

The Encouragement That Led Ms. Patel To Initiate Her School:

Taking inspiration from her father who stressed the power and influence that education had, she thought it was through this medium, she would reach out to people in need. Her father’s words ‘Vidya se bada koi Daan Nahi’ echoed in her mind when she saw the plight while searching for the right preschool for her child.

Understanding that only through education may a child get ahead in this competitive world and acknowledging the gap between the overwhelming expense of pre-schooling and lack of expenditures, she opened her school so that middle-class parents can build the foundation that they wanted for their children.

“I thought of getting a school with the best curriculum and the least fees which will be affordable and stress-free for the parents.”

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