A passion to construct a good quality infrastructure that would be of great use to mankind drove me to a great career in the Construction industry

From his college days, Mr. Ketul Agrawal never missed a chance to gain practical knowledge in the field. In pursuit of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the infrastructure field, he crossed all the hurdles in gaining an education with clarity and practical knowledge. He was chasing the prestigious construction projects taking place around the world and always wanted his company’s construction philosophy to be like that only.

After completing his Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2009, Mr. Agrawal went on to pursue his B. Tech in Civil Engineering and graduated in 2013. To chase his dream of building some of the country’s finest infrastructure projects, he went on to establish Vibrant Construction Pvt. Ltd in Ahmedabad. With an initial seed capital investment of around Rs. 1.00 Crore, today his company is clocking a turnover of around Rs. 100 Cr.  His company was established in 2009 but started its full-fledged operations in 2013 only.  Undoubtedly his company is a big brand name in the infrastructure industry, working in many states across the country in the Roads, Buildings, Refineries, and Rural Electrification segment with projects worth around Rs. 130.00 Cr.

He committed himself to his dreams of building the best infrastructure projects at the tender age of 24.  Having considered Mr. A. M Naik (Ex-Chairman, L&T) as his idol, their large scale projects, huge structures, and prestigious projects have been an all-time inspiration for him to earn a good name in the industry. Mr Naik’s way of working, thinking, and executing the projects at all levels has motivated him to follow the path of perfection in the industry.

The USP of Mr. Agrawal’s business is to overcome all hardships coming in his new projects with a good knowledge of basic engineering principles, having a good team for execution, and the latest plants and machinery. He always follows the path of positive attitude and self-analysis to overcome any shortcomings to improve the performance in projects. He believes in the philosophy of giving the best shot. He has successfully chased his vision of building the country’s biggest airport, a town’s most vital water supply scheme,  a village road which connected it to the nearest town, supplying electricity to a town who hasn’t seen bulb lighting in his whole life.

As a budding entrepreneur, He faced deep-rooted challenges of seeking approvals from different authorities in different states, environmental approvals, pollution & mining clearances. Facing the obstacles of absences of either easily accessible single-window clearance systems in our country or the confusion about the jurisdiction control of the central or state government, He didn’t let it come in his way of pursuing his dream of building world-class infrastructure projects.  He optimized the cost factors and lowest bidding to crack the tough nut of starting the project.

His path was full of learnings and any infrastructure project was not just a project for him but a dream to fulfill his vision of building a 21st century India.

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