The Cosmetologist who would bring out the best in you and boost your confidence

This young Hyderabadi cosmetologist is tirelessly working towards bringing out the natural beauty of his client through medical procedures and enhancements.

Dr Syed Abrar – Cosmetologist, Aesthetic Secrets

Practising since last 6 years, Dr Syed Abrar, has efficiently undertaken various complex cosmetic procedures of his clients in and around Hyderabad. His cosmetic clinic, Aesthetic Secrets have been chiselling the looks of several patients through facial aesthetics from two of its branches in Jubilee Hills and Kachiguda. At an age of 30 years, Syed has undoubtedly reached the feat which many would struggle to achieve. It has been his dream to work on the field of cosmetology and now he is happy to serve his clients through the best practices of facial aesthetics.

Adorned with all the requisite qualifications in the field of cosmetology, Syed, is confidently enhancing the confidence in his patients through treatments backed by modern technology and procedures. His Masters in facial aesthetics followed by Fellowship in Medical cosmetology from University of GreifswaId, Germany, along with Diploma in Botulinum toxin and derma fillers from the UK have given him enough exposure to run his clinic successfully. He also has a certification in Microblading and Lip tinting from Dubai. He also holds the prestigious membership of BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine). His passion for cosmetology has been aptly rewarded by owning the title of ‘Young Achiever in the field of Facial Aesthetics, 2018.’

Renowned dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon Dr Ajay Rana has always been Syed’s inspiration. Dr Rana, professor at University of Greifswald Germany and Founder Director of ILAMED, has been a true mentor and always encouraged young Syed to achieve the best. With such inspiring personality as a guide one is ought to shine in his career with full confidence. Syed fondly recalls how his professor moulded his profession, “I used PRP blood to inject in patients who had the desire to get fillers injected to achieve desired shape in their face. It is perfectly safe, and lasted for 3-7 days and is much cheaper than filler. But gave same effect as filler temporarily off course but the patient now has a chance to see and decide whether they want to go for the Procedure. This is how I started to become more fearless and confident studying under Dr Rana.”

As a true entrepreneur cum doctor, Syed wants his patients to give the best. He would listen to them carefully and suggest the best possible solution. He feels ecstatic to hear that his treatment has improved the patient’s lifestyle and brought in more confidence. He has created a brand of himself through his unique way of treating his patients. As a young, talented, fearless individual he has a long way to traverse, and sets the perfect example to all those aspiring cosmetologists in the town.

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