A Self Made Entrepreneur With Yearly Turnover Of 2Cr, He Was Once Financially Challenged

Dr. Harshad M. Sangle, theowner of CITIS EDUCON Private Limited, is a 42 years old businessman. He has been working for education services since 1999 and worked with different organizations, handling different responsibilities. Since the beginning of his career, he has always exhibited an upward trend in his career graph. From working on the grass-root level to the highest levels/ national levels within the department, he has outdone his performance everywhere.

As his work always involved training students, developing course content, ensuring acceptable levels of their success, in 2012, he established CITIS Infotech and since then, it has been 8 years of him transforming into an educationalist and entrepreneur from being an employee.

“Start Small, build over, don’t quit, and make it big!”- Dr. Harshad M. Single

His Dream Project

Having his own firm dedicated to the development of technological service for children is what kept him going all his life. And finally, being able to nurture that was nothing but a satisfying experience. Here at CITIS, students pursue technology education andbuild skills for tomorrow. A generation of individuals who would contribute to society in a better and innovative way is being prepared here. “The focus is to foster innovation amongst students from a very early age so that they always remain at the forefront of the competition,” says Dr. Sangle.

CITIS is a comprehensive education technology services. It focuses on the advancement of competitive and futuristic course content, training programs, training techniques, thus familiarizing students, teachers, and educators with the future and making them future-ready. It doesn’t only stop here. CITIS is based on 4 values – people, culture, speed, and innovation.

At CITIS, “we believe that it is people that make up an organization, and the healthy working culture that binds them together to work towards a common purpose… we refer to the importance and execution of quick solutions in the fast-changing world… We emphasize the role of innovation in our work and our solutions to modern educators” says he.

Struggles & Achievements

Nothing successful comes in handy without its fair share of struggles. For Mr. Sangle, it was no exception either. He has made it pretty clear that his company is self-made & In the early stage of his entrepreneurship, the financial management and funds requirement was challenging. Even at times the personal and professional life both were challenged simultaneously. However, through meticulous management, the company sailed through.

Also, if it wasn’t for his idol whom he followed through in every step of his journey, Swami Vivekananda, and his philosophy was the guiding force in his life.

Dr. Sangle has seen all kinds of rough patches in his career and is a well-deserved man of his recognition. This includes the Best Partner Award: Certify India Education Leadership Award: Robotics Institute Of India, and the Best Performance Award: ACA World Championships.

We are proud of the position he holds now, cause he certainly made it clear that

“I have the attitude of achieving the result despite what may come”.

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