A Self-Made Businesswoman, The First Global Peace Ambassador from India, She Makes The Ideal Figure For Generation To Come

Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala was born in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. She is a Businesswoman and social activist who proved herself to be a self-made woman. Her personality is down to earth, yet she has studied in the top Business School in the World.

Dr. Amudala is the First Global Peace Ambassador from India, Writer, and author who published Covid articles in International Public journals.

She has been awarded the Abdul kalam diamond sparking award,  Rashtra Prerana award,  Rashtriya Seva samaj Ratna award, Mahatma Gandhi Excellence award, Gandhi Peace Award, Global Icon award  DYNAMIC Business entrepreneur award,  world Iconic Leadership award, KhubhSurath  Woman National Award Winner, Iconic Year of the award, Rashtrapati Award, Bharatha Nari Ratna Award, Nation’s Pride Award, Mahatma Gandhi excellence award, International Brilliance award, Ms.India-2021- (Married women Contest), and many others.

She is now eligible to participate in the International Beauty pageant Contest, Rashtriya Gaurav Award. Moreover, she received many honorable doctorates in the field of social service and business leadership.

All of her recognitions are titled as International Business Icon award, International Business Tycoon award, International Business Entrepreneur award, International Social Entrepreneur award, International Woman Entrepreneur award, The Real Superwoman award, Indian business Icon award, The most Inspiration woman from India award, Humanitarian Excellence award, Abdul kalam Business Excellence award, Rashtriya Seva Ratna award, and NTR Social Service award. It is a world record by itself.


She started the THEJAS Groups in 2011. However, Theja Business Solutions was started in the year 2019.   The company is associated with Clothing  IT, Digital Marketing, Herbal  Products.

Nevertheless, as a lady in this male-dominated field, she faced numerous problems. Issues that every woman faces most of the time. Still, she stranded herself. And, her vision implies expanding more business once the Covid is over. Presently, the company is small, but it’s constantly growing.


Although she is a role model to many, who is hers?

“I like many, but in business, I like Ratan Tata’s case. He is not only a businessman; he is a kind-hearted fellow. 66% every month donate to charity from his profit. Recently he gave 1500 crore as the covid fund.”

She wants all men and women to not wait for the opportunity but rather create one. People need to start a new business without profits and create more awareness about health, education, and women’s empowerment. She wants the youth to come forward and make things happen for themselves. She is a true inspiration and keeps on being one for many.

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