A Virtual Fitness Guru: He Made Physical Activity Possible In Impossible Circumstances

Nitish Kumar, the owner of Guru Ni30, is a self-made businessman of the year 2020. Moreover, the business page Guru Ni30 has gained over 1 Lac subscribers on Instagram, and the numbers are continuing to grow.

Initially, he started with one laptop and an internet connection. However, presently, he has more than 1000 members who signed up for his coaching.

He started at 28 years old, and now he is 30 years old. He started his business with just an internet connection and a laptop. As a manager, he has worked with a few top fitness brands (gold’s gym, chisel gym, addiction gym).

Once the pandemic hit, he started his online classes. Thus, right now, he retains members from all over the world. He teaches yoga classes for people who are overweight or obese or suffering from any diseases. They take membership and do yoga online with him on the zoom app.

Guru Nitishhas done a diploma and PG diploma in yoga science and studied scale-up nutrition as well.

The business scale-up

He started his juncture in 2020. First, he worked for people distant from gyms. Also, because clients mostly didn’t want to work outside, meet unknown people, and work out together, he opened a virtual fitness center. This way, people were able to join online yoga classes.

For his classes, people didn’t need to go outside to be fit. He only does limited batches and limited members to focus on everyone.

“Online fitness classes are going to grow in the future. I am planning to launch my yoga mats, block, and other fitness props.”

He always wanted to help people to get fit. Thus, the target is to help 1 million people in their fitness.

Struggles, Inspiration, and Encouragement

He takes inspiration from Swami Ramdev. He has reintroduced yoga and Ayurveda, and now people have realized its importance and what Nitish believes in.

However, there have been struggles as sometimes poor internet connection becomes a barrier. Thus, finding dedicated and skillful employees becomes extremely tough in small cities.

“I have taken the internet connection of 3 different companies so that if one will get down, then I will switch it to another; I have started hiring using my social media platforms.”

Nitish comes from a family where most of his family members are in the medical field. Such as his grandfather-doctor, father-medical store, uncle-doctor, aunty-dietitian, sister-studying MBBS. So, helping people with their health is something which he learned since childhood.

As for the encouragement, in the 2020 pandemic, gyms were shut, and people were getting fat at home. So, he initially launched a 90 days weight loss program that became very popular and is now one of the best online fitness programs being run individually.

“If you open a gym, people from a 10km radius can come and get the benefits but online you can coach people from different parts of the world.”

According to him, there are very few people who are into yoga and Ayurveda at his age. This has helped him to get identified very quickly.

Guru Nitesh says that the Internet is a very big thing in any sector, so using your device to earn. It enables one to use the internet and do great things. Thus, he advises you to:

Don’t wait for tomorrow; whatever you have in your mind, start working on it immediately.”

One must chase his/her dreams with open eyes because dreams do come true.

This inspirational guy has won International glory awards (Best online fitness coach) and India Icon Awards (Best emerging virtual fitness coach in India). Although these are great, there are many more to come.

Guru Ni30 has more than 1 lac followers on Instagram page and more than 50k followers on Facebook page and very soon planning to come on YouTube as well.

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