A Self-Made Entrepreneur Duo: They Are The Best At Their Jobs

This is Kinita Rathod and Shraddha Shah, owners of SKBridal Makeovers and Academy. Starting at the age of 28, they now run a successful business at 36. According to this duo, art is something that God gifts, and they are blessed to have the same.

As an individual both of them are working to fulfill their ambition. Being different individuals but having the same dreams made them come together and form an organization called SKBridal.

Business Scale-Up

Starting in September 2013, the business is based on Bridal and Editorial Makeup artists and Hair Stylists.

With our talent and skill of makeup artist and hairstylist, we have turned out to be Beauty Magicians for clients.”

The business does makeovers for Brides and their Guests and provides portfolio shoots as an Editorial Makeup and Hairstylist. As individuals from their young days, they were very creative in their ways and loved artistic things. Besides, they were very much attracted to the fashion industry, hairstyles, and makeup. Thus, ending up in this business with such dedication.

Encouragement and every other thing

They say that many Senior Makeup artists and Hair Stylists from the Bridal world and film industry have inspired them. Since the experience and timespan of 8years, they have learned how to deal with the client’s mood swings and demands.

“We have always fulfilled the demand of our clients in our best way. However, professionally we always have to be on our toes for our work as there are no particular timings for our shoots and wedding season.”

The dedication is top-notch. They provide good professional teachers with the Best Knowledge of  The Makeup and Hairstyling kits at the business. SKBridal is known for its Subtle and Royal touch looks to the Brides. This makes them unique from others. They are very cooperative, and their down-to-earth nature has helped us a lot professionally.

However, this business has made them learn to Keep calm, positive, and always focused. And, for the new people, they say:

“Any Business takes a period of 5 to 6 years to start the journey for success. So be patient and motivated.”

This duo has won the Anurag Wardhan Beauty awards 2019 and the Bridal Beauty award 2018. However, it’s the beginning of their wonderful accomplishments, as there are more yet to come.

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