Consistently creating WOW effects through his architectural venture that is committed to highest design standards

Rohit Mudaliar – Owner, Rohit Mudaliar Architects (RMA)

Rohit Mudaliar Architects, founded by a young architect of same name, in the year 2017. At an age of 25 years when most of the youths aim for higher studies, Rohit decided to take a plunge into the ocean of entrepreneurship. And since then, there’s no looking back. With a current turnover of 1.2 Crore, his architectural venture is sailing through smoothly. Head quartered in Raipur, this architectural firm provides comprehensive services in architecture and engineering, planning, and interior design for new facilities like residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality as well as renovations and landmark restorations.

RMA’s projects range in a scale from interior design with a meticulous attention to detail to commercial and industrial projects with complex structural requirements.  Over the short span of time, the office has completed several projects involving the restoration and addition to buildings of significant historical and architectural landmark building. Each project is taken up as a new challenge and is an outcome of coordinated effort of experienced team of structural and MEP engineers as well as numerous specialty consultants as per requirement.  The firm also have extensive experience in integrating technical, economic and management expertise into the planning and design of the projects undertaken.

Born and brought up in Maharashtra’s border town of Gondia, Rohit was always a rebellious child with great willpower and tenacity. He attributes his success to his family’s support and encouragement which was there from the beginning. The young architect proudly states that, “Currently our firm is running profitably and working on more than 130 projects till date which includes residential bungalows, commercial properties, retail, and landscaping projects. Currently, 90% of our projects are commissioned by previous clients whose expectations were exceeded by our firm. No matter what the cost is, we believe in finishing each project in a way that exceeds our clients’ expectations while remaining within the budget and time constraints.”

According to Rohit, building a project is same as crafting a story – it might not make a huge impact but will surely leave an aesthetic impression on everyone. With an aim to create landmark project, his firm works to near perfection in order to give a WOW effect to their creations. His team of talented designers and architectures work systematically to create wonders. They are all known for transforming their client’s expectations into an architectural reality.

RMA is fundamentally strong in R&D. On bagging a project, they carry out their extensive research in every aspect and club it with client requirement to generate best in class creations. Now they aim to open overseas offices and have international presence to showcase their expertise.

On asking who inspires him professional, Rohit candidly responds,

“To be honest, it’s the fact that I have to make a name for myself and my profession that has inspired me to work this hard. I am self-inspired and treat myself as an ideal, professionally as well.”

From childhood he had massive interest in architecture. It gave him freedom to think creatively and experiment with his thoughts. And have successfully completed numerous fast-track and design/build projects along with conventionally scheduled and organized assignments, which has been the biggest inspiration.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Rohit never had to go through any struggling phase. Along his journey, he met some established names who had been his guardian angel – Mrs Bhavna Manish Bohra (Founder of Vakrangee foundation), Mr Dinesh Patel (Director, DEE VEE Group), Mr Amar Parwani (Director G.K Group), are some of those renowned industry names.

Rohit feels passion, zeal and dedication are the three essentials for being a successful businessman. The only key to pursue your profession is to take it seriously. Whatever you do, do it with passion, maintaining the line of integrity and dignity. Rest all will fall in place. Work commitment further adds professionalism. And then building a strong team becomes the backbone of the organisation which one goes on to set it up gradually. Before signing off, to the young entrepreneurs out there, Rohit advices,

“Believe in yourself. Instead of listening to others or getting inspiration from others, be your role model. Fix your daily objective and make your own script and follow accordingly. I believe one should choose quality over quantity.”


Kaushalya Mata Temple, Chandkhuri, Chattisgarh

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