A Successful Choreographer & Event Manager Makes It To The Top

Dancing is the art of exuberance and expression of the self. To make it a passion is a commendable feat indeed. The art of dancing has a plethora of elements to be explored. A choreographer of dancing is like the conductor of the orchestra, who conducts the whole show. Therefore, becoming a successful choreographer and instilling passion within the dancers is a great thing.

Such is the success story of Mr. Jay Patel, an exceptional choreographer, and an event manager at one of the top companies, Wow Dance & Events. His passion for dancing has secured him a position as a choreographer. Apart from choreography, he has also been part of a few other things, like being a judge and participating in various events.

Trained in the contemporary dance form, Jay Patel has certainly reached certain heights after starting this business at the age of 21.

“I have been organizing events for various occasions associated with Wow Dance Academy, and dance shows on a large scale for Multinational companies since, the past 10 years.”

In addition, he has also been invited to different dance shows at schools and colleges as a judge. Therefore, his love for the dance form provided him the zenith he strived to achieve. So, it’s not surprising that he has done incredibly well in this field and has attained immense success.

‘Reaching Certain Heights’: The Success Of The Business

As we said earlier, Jay Patel has been a choreographer and event manager for the Wow Dance & Events, whose director is Mr. Jignesh Pathak. The company has succeeded on a wider scale, as it has successful branches in Vadodara and other parts. Moreover, they have also worked with numerous Bollywood celebrities like Miss Urvashi Rautela, Bruna Abdullah, Jackky Bhagnami, etc.

Surely with this much success, it has seen outstanding revenue as well. Currently, the annual turnover of the business is about 20 Lacs. In addition, the Wow Dance & Events has done numerous event shows in schools and colleges and therefore has earned praises from people.

As an organization, Wow Dance & Events provides different types of event management services in a lot of sectors, like Corporate events, Special occasions, personal events, such as birthdays, weddings, and other events.

“It is a full specialist co-op for overseeing different corporate just as close to home occasions.”

With 10 years of expertise in event management, Jay Patel’s organization has certainly done extremely well. They provide complete care to the customer’s needs and meet the requirements and satisfy their vision. The primary goal is to provide enjoyment and, in turn, make revenue.

The Wrath Of Covid: Minor Setbacks

Like most businesses, Mr. Jay Patel’s Wow Dance & Events too had to go through a lean patch in 2020. Due to the imposition of stringent laws by the government, the business did suffer a lot. However, with the help of the clients and staff, they have made a come back once again, in a grand fashion, with safe and radical ideas.

Mantra Of Success, And Tips For The Dreamers

As an entrepreneur, Jay Patel had the necessary qualities to be successful. His keen interest and passion in dancing instilled in him leadership, brainstorming, executing, and most importantly, time management.

Furthermore, he emphasizes believing the dreams and working hard to realize those.

“Being an entrepreneur is to believe in your vision and never give up.”

Naturally, he has found immense success due to such wonderful skills and mindset, and the future looks even more bright for both him and the company.

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