A successful Entrepreneur At 27: Her Endeavours Are Successful With Great Remarks

Neelanjali Chauhan, the founder and creative director of a Noida-based design firm Kalatmak Space. She established this firm over 3 years ago, and since then has made her mark in many disciplines including luxury residential, commercial buildings, restaurants, and retail.

With each project, her team and she attempt to continuously push the boundaries of typical Indian interior design. Aside from the distinctly modern, her work reflects a unique, original,l and playful eclectic aesthetic.

Her team empowers her to fearlessly take bold risks with her projects. Almost nothing is off-limited when it comes to Kalatmak Space designs.

Business Scale Up

Established in 2017, Kalatmak Space envisions to be a leading interior design firm delivering distinguished spatial designs and service excellence to a wide range of customers in India. She assures her clients that Team Kalatmak delivers creative design solutions ranging from residential to office interiors.

Her team strives to create quality architectural & interior design works and provide total solutions with our transformative skills and expertise. The belief, as consultants, is to provide the best advice and services possible to her clients; Customer satisfaction is a crucial part of her company’s philosophy and belief.

The company adds value to client’s living or working spaces with functional, beautiful, and stylish designs. Creativity, integrity, and innovation are the values that guide her company every day. She & her team are opening a new studio in Gurgaon by March 2021- Industry Award Nominations: Nominated for NATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS AND CONFERENCE 2021.

Struggle & Other Stuff

Finding good people and bringing them together as a team, cash flow management, time management, and self-doubt are some struggles she faced as an entrepreneur.

Learning from mistakes is the best way to overcome these challenges, she knows!  Hiring bad employees can potentially give you a list of things you don’t want in your employees, she realized over years. Improving payment terms and conditions will make you have a better controversy cash flow management and strategic thinking and better planning according to the tasks for the day helps one to optimize time. Practicing self-compassion and caring a little less about validation from peers help you overcome self-doubt, it is what she believes and preaches every day at her work.

“If you really want it, don’t let any obstacle stand in the way!”

In the beginning, she needed a good workspace, efficient employees, and a constant effort to maintain a healthy work-life balance to start her business. But it was a challenge, she had to make a point to extend her subject knowledge to not only her team but to anyone in general. She rolls out blogs on the latest themes, trends and deciphers the jargons in a way that everyone can understand.

Gradually, the business flourished and she was able to hold titles, such as Best of Houzz 2019 – Service on and upcoming’s are: Most Promising Interior Design Firm of the Year 2021” North India Award under “Premium Residential Projects & Retail Projects” Category for the year 2021 at National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021. 

Through her entire journey, she drew many inspirations into her work field, but there is this one quote she took in wisdom: “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” -Marcus Aurelius.

She says:

“I’ve taught myself to embrace and casually adore the challenges that come my way, pushing to find the joy and opportunity in even the darkest of situations.”

Hence, today her business is achieving the height of success so beautifully.

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