A Teacher Of Highest Regards: His Excellence Is Contagious In The Field Of Academics

Coming from a non-technical background, Dr. Souvik Ganguli is quite an exceptional man of knowledge. He is currently working at the Thapar  Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala.

The number of his degrees is countless and we’d very much like to enlighten his glorious life choices to you. He has completed his Ph.D. in the area of system identification and control from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala.

Completed his M.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Kalyani University, West Bengal. His current affairs with Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala as an Assistant Professor starting in June 2009 with fourteen years of experience in academics. Before joining academics, he had served the industry for more than two years and organized several workshops and expert lectures for the students.

All About His Teaching Profession

Dr. Souvik Ganguli, according to his interest, has been destined to become a teacher. As he explains, he has always been passionate about teaching;

“My first teaching started when I appeared for 10+2 exams. I was teaching a school kid of Vth standard at that time. Even during my engineering studies, I was associated with teaching physics and mathematics to +2 students.”

After college, he went out teaching students of different standards and used to reach home at around 9.30 pm. Then late at night after completing his assignments, he prepared for quizzes and other assessments.

The interesting thing about his career choices is that he never disliked corporate jobs. He rather likes professionalism, discipline, punctuality, and above all regularity in those jobs. Therefore, he started his career as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in a private company dealing with the manufacture of actuators. But after a while, he was inclined towards teaching which motivated him to change his profession after two and a half years of industry exposure.

After several accomplishments in this field, he did his field of specialization in control systems. In the last calendar year, he has got the acceptance of 05 SCI/SCIE journal articles in acclaimed journals. Seven of his articles are published as book chapters with reputed publishing houses.

This was only the beginning and the end of it is yet to be discovered. With the knowledge and experience of 16 years, with two years in the industry, and about 14 years in teaching, Dr. Souvik Ganguli is all set for his spectacular mission.

What Were The Challenges & The Inspiration Behind?

Even for a person of his caliber, the struggles were not abandoned.

Every single day was a new day with new surprises for him. As he explains, “Joining academics after two years in the industry was a tough challenge. Leaving a job and joining the M.Tech program was another great hurdle that I had overcome. Enrolling in the Ph.D. program and carrying out research parallelly maintaining the regular job was the greatest of all. As challenges never end, I am still exploring to solve real-time societal problems through my research plans now.”

However, as he always knew his goal and learned how to stay focused, he now conquered his world. And for this, he wants to appreciate the people who helped him. He says his prime source of inspiration is his parents. He would also like to convey his regards to all the teachers at his school and colleges. And, he would particularly like to thank Dr. Prasanta Sarkar, my M. Tech and Ph.D. supervisor, for being extremely supportive to bring about the best in him.

Also, his love and gratitude go to his present colleagues who made him stay for eleven and a half years at this institute as comfortable and homely as ever.

Lastly, all his endeavors are great for his students only. For whom he is the teacher that he is. His teaching to make the students join top organizations like ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, CSIO, haven’t gone in vain. The success rate is high as it should be.


He has been awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing for different Elsevier journals from time to time and been awarded by InSc for supervising a student project titled “A New Apparatus for the Measurement of Fringing Field in Capacitors” in the year 2019. In 2020, there was “Gurupnishad Samman ” by CWSIR and nominated for the Research Excellence Award by InSc 2020.

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