Her Zeal To Learn More Helped Her Form An Institution That Continues To Teach More Than 800 Students

What is the role of a teacher in a student’s life? A teacher is that person in a students life that provides the nudge they deserve to lead them to form their bright future; a teacher is a person who inspires, motivates, and provides them with the ray of hope so that the student can keep walking even in the time of despair.

Believing in the same, RENJU JOSEPH initiated an organization that looks forward to fulfilling each role of a teacher in students’ lives. Through her creation, RJ’S CLASSES, she has created a space for more than 800 students all over India so that they can get the education they deserve to become the beacon of hope for the nation.

Having more than 15 academic degrees and completing more than 400 certificate courses so far, she used the acquired knowledge to fill the gap between potential students and the lack of educational opportunities regarding providing guidance.

“I hold ten master’s degrees, two bachelor’s degrees, and two certificate degrees, in fields as diverse as Commerce, Economics, Management, Sociology, Philosophy, Law, Labor Management, and Human Resource Management.”

Her idea to guide the A-list students by utilizing her knowledge and experience helped her organization flourish. Starting the role of an educator and guide in 2015, in six years, he has grown the enterprise with a turnover of 12,00,000.

The role of her academy:

Understanding that more than 200 million children worldwide are out of school, even those in school do not learn effectively and efficiently. The World Bank has instructed that the gap of knowledge, experience, and acquiring skill has to be fulfilled effectively.

Through her academy, she wants to at least contribute to fulfilling the gap as he claims that 25% of the profit will be dedicated to the school situated in the rural area for the betterment of the students.

“By providing them with effective tools to learn, and hopefully, we will change the student, the family, and the society to a better future.

When asked about the role of the educator in the student’s life, they said the role of the ‘mentor’ is to effectively help them gain the freedom to understand their role in society. She tends to do that by personalizing each student’s work plan, recording all of its sessions for review.

Also, holding regular check-ins with parents for securing a better future for them. By doing this, she is trying to solve a problem that society has been facing for a long time. By incorporating the technical assistance, she is trying to strike a balance that will prepare them for the harsh world out there.

“Using an online educational platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so there’s no need to give anything up.”

What drove her to start this Academy:

With a vision in mind that she will guide some abled students belonging from 8th standard to 12th standard and also providing coaching to the CA, CMA, CS and PSC, and UPSC aspirants, he started getting ahead. But what made her really take up the business of an educator with her academy?

A woman with that much degree and mastery in handling any kind of management could have landed her with any job she wanted, but her zeal to know more about the mysteries of the world prompted her to take the role of a tutor so that she can learn as well as teach. So that she can do both to her heart’s content.

“If I got a job at any university, then it’s not possible to continue my studies, so I decided to start an online tuition center.”

With love received from her students and the support obtained from her family members, Mrs. Renju continued to achieve her dreams even in trying times. As a mother of two, she has done what she wanted to. She won awards like the Youth Icon Award, Best Educationist & Career Counselor Award, Global Icon Award 2020, India Iconic Education Award 2020, Asian Education award 2019, etc. Mrs. Renju stands as an example to all those women out there.

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