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Shalin Barot – Director, Chamunda Estate Consultants Pvt Ltd

Incorporated in 2007, this Mumbai based real estate consultant was already aware of the pulse of the market, its demands and other stakeholders. Currently having footprints across 48 cities, Chamunda Estate Consultants Pvt Ltd, is undoubtedly growing in leaps and bounds. Shalin Barot, the founder director of Chamunda Estate Consultants, started this venture at an early age of 21 years with a capital investment of Rs 1.5 lac. At an age, when most of the youths remain pre-occupied with their career move, Shalin’s entrepreneurial journey was all sorted out. Being a son of a real estate developer helped him to have a clarity and choose his line of business with ease. Today, after being in the industry for 14 years, and having a turnover of 50 – 60 crores, his venture is well placed and is sailing through smoothly.

An engineer by qualification and having a real estate developer as father always helped him understand the industry from an early age. His outgoing nature and inquisitiveness also aided him in understanding the need dynamics of customers and property seekers – be it residential or commercial. Over the years, he honed the skills of knowing his clients and was able to offer the perfect property in every micro market. As a result his reputation, good will and dignity excelled in a space which is over crowded with dealers, brokers and agents.

Shalin with his vast experience in the real estate sector tells us, “The seemingly casual real estate business is actually a complex one for certain serious players like us. While consulting our customers we go through a standard SOP, through which we understand their requirements and provide them end to end solutions which makes the process of buying, selling, or renting a very pleasant experience for them. This brings a lot of credibility to our profession which was once considered to be an unorganized sector.” Chamunda Estate Consultants have been rightly sourcing the right properties at right price for the Buyers and the Sellers. Although it might look as an effortless task to many, it is not easy to prevent the stakeholders from taking wring decisions regarding property market, just due to lack of proper information and expertise.

Shalin’s firm is involved in many facets of property market that includes development, appraisal, marketing, selling, leasing, and management of commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties.  Even though the realty market fluctuates depending on the national and local economies, it somewhat remains consistent due to the fact that people always need homes and businesses always need office spaces to operate. Shalin proudly states that,

“Our consultancy firm provides end-to-end services, and is involved right from understanding the requirement to sourcing of properties/buyers, to negotiations along with proper due diligence, arranging required funding support from leading financial institutes and properly closing the entire transaction.”

While this sector struggles to gain trust among its clientele, Shalin made it sure that transparency, trustworthiness and integrity are the basic ingredients of the firm which would make it a revered organization. It was natural choice for Shalin to deep dive into real estate, as he grew up watching his family business involved into construction and development field. His father has always been his inspiration, his ethical practice and integrity has inculcated deep rooted values in Shalin. He always aspires to be a successful businessman like his father.

As a businessman, Shalin had to go through a lot of rough patches before he could establish himself as a reputed entrepreneur. When he started, real estate consulting business was highly unorganized, undervalued and unprofessional segment. The credibility of a consultants was always a big question mark and the words used for the consultants were demeaning. Bringing in credibility and earning client trust was an uphill task. He got together with likeminded people from the same segment and introduced SOPs, established associations, developed networks, code of conducts, and promoted fair practices which brought about a paradigm shift in the real estate broking business. In spite of initial resistance, people saw merit in their approach and eventually joined hands.

While the future is prosperous for the real estate broking business, the very core essence of Shalin’s business has been collecting the right information from the reliable sources followed by proper due diligence bundled with transparency and integrity. To all the young guns, who wants to make it big in this segment, Shalin has few basic yet practical tips – Have solid business plan, prepare to face financial challenges, be frugal & don’t be afraid to ask a help, work on shoe string budgets, build a team that resonates with your vision, never stop learning and always have faith yourself, lastly follow ethical business practices. So now we know the success mantra.

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