A Woman with a Dream Learns Through Trial Of Errors And Mistake To Provide The Needed Children With A Safe Space To Grow

A simple woman with a dream to provide education to those who cannot get access to it is a form of socialism that everyone wants to see in this time of selfishness. When everyone is busy with growing out of their environment to reach the place where they can become a better person, Mrs. Neeraj Sharma Aggarwal, was the person with a mindset who set out to establish a space for those whose whole future lay bare in front of them.

In other words, with the unique initiation taken by Mrs. Aggarwal where her dream is to build up the dreams of those unfortunate kids who lack the means and passion to continue their studies. By providing the students with a room of their own where they can grow, accumulate power, and influence others to grow is something that she sought to achieve through her school.

Now sitting at the top of the school with seven other colleagues who share the same view as her, Mrs. Aggarwal, the principal of Kohana International School since the year 2007, continues to go ahead despite all the challenges and hurdles that lay in her path. With a positive mindset and a constructive attitude, she continues to charge ahead with her colleague to make a better place for the children. 

The Encouragement She Received To Initiate A School:

Claiming that her life had been nothing but a roller coaster ride, full of hurdles and success, she knew that only through adversity, she would be able to bloom fully. Accepting the failures she had along the way and accepting the fact that after this lays only success, she continued to make a change. The acknowledgment of the challenge in this path helped her to accept the role of an employee to bridge the gap between adversity and an opportunity.

“I always wanted to play the role of the successful employee so took this opportunity, work hard and reached to a level where I am representing myself on bigger platforms”

Taking inspiration from the ‘rough patches’ of her life, she knew that only by going through pressure, will she be able to shine like a diamond. Apart from that, she believes that her father and her father-in-law were a huge help to her that helped her to grow as a person.

“Whatever I am today all thanks to the toughest times of life along with that my father and father in law are my idols”

The Challenges She Faced:

One of the most important things that made her understand that success only tastes sweeter after a handful of failures. This outlook helped her to accept her failure in a positive way. It made her believe that after the storm lay a beautiful rainbow that would ascend her with the needed space where she can thrive and shine.

The biggest call ages that she faced apart from those failures was about finding the right pace to adapt to the environment around her. Being an employee herself, she knew the mindset of the people in that niche. Though she found it hard to navigate those young minds at work, knowing how their minds worked helped her gain the pace wanted to achieve.

“To match pace with the new environment, handling a team of young people who just started their careers, small town, minimum facilities, and to prove myself that I can”

Advice For The Young Generation:

Hanging tasted both success and failure in her road to achieving her dream, Mrs. Aggarwal knew the challenges that lay ahead for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“There is always the  next level for everyone, take responsibility, be honest towards your job, give your best”

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