See How A Man With A Dream Changes The World By Contributing To Both Academic And Corporate Fields

Teachers are those phenomena without which we will never reach the height of success. Teachers are those who hold the power to formulate our view, help us grow, and feed our passion with their knowledge, teachers are those who are the source of our inspiration, the source of our knowledge, and the pillar depending on whom we make our future. Knowing how important the role of a teacher is, Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar started teaching alongside carrying out his role as a marketing management professional from the industry.

Having more than eighteen years of experience in the field of business and sixteen years of experience in the field of teaching, Dr. Sarkar knows the difficulties that lay in both fields. However, embracing all that lay in the path to his success, he marched ahead with his passionate heart to make a change, in both the world of academics and the realm of marketing management. Completing his Ph.D. on Intellectual Property Rights in Strategic Marketing for Brand building and creating a Competitive Advantage of companies from the University of Mumbai, he taught over 3000 professionals in various areas of Business Management.

Sharing his knowledge with MBA students, aspiring managers, and practicing managers from the industry, who share the same knack as him, he continued to teach for more than ten institutions. Having been decorated with degrees like DCL, PGIPRL, MBA, PGDMMT from the University of Mumbai, his knowledge got the deserved acknowledgment in the forms of awards. So far, he has won awards like National Talent Award (2020), S. S. Nadkarni Memorial Research Fellowship, Best Research Paper Award, and many more.

The Struggles He Faced

Managing two different fields in one stretch is something that not only creates difficulties in both fields but also creates a place where more energy is needed. Though both these fields are best on their own, it needs a bit of effort and time to engage in them proficiently. However, Dr. Sarkar’s passion to top both fields helped him to create a vision through which he filled the gap between both niches.

“Working in the Industry and Academia are entirely two different worlds with their own set of challenges and benefits. My strong background in both fields helps me to bridge the gap for my students very smoothly.”

Believing in his skills and knowledge which was strengthened by the application of his experience, helped him to gather information from all walks of life. He used this infusion to teach his students as the methods he has chosen to execute to get the result makes him unique in his career.

“My professional work background has helped to mentor my students regarding practical problem solving of complex business situations.”

The Inspiration Behind His Profession

Being inspired by his mother, who was a teacher, he took up the mantle to create a space where children can learn and take initiative positively. Learning the multifaceted skills and tenacity from his mother, he created a niche for himself which earned him the satisfaction that he was looking for.

“I learned from her that there is no greater satisfaction in life than to share the knowledge that you have gathered so far with the next generation.

Learning a life-changing aspect that could well work in both fields, changed his life for the best.

Advice For The Next Generation

Being in both fields, Dr. Sarkar knows the importance of contribution. His field opened his eyes and helped him realize the significance of sharing the knowledge which is important for self-growth.

“To learn, to share and help the world to move ahead by contributing towards social progress above self-progress alone”

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