Starting From Nothing, But Gaining Everything, The Journey Of A Young Architect Brings The Much-needed Change In The Field Effectively

What would you call the aspect that turns a simple accumulation of bricks and mortar into a lively and animated piece of work? The piece of art that showcases your emotions and sentiments through every stroke of colors and patterns is what makes it livelier. It is the architecture’s job is to provide them with the lifeless bricks’ lives which will make it more happening and eclectic.

It is the inventor’s task to give the piece of work an image of the owner to make it more alluring and attractive. Believing in this application, Ar. Aquin noel starts his journey at the young age of 24. Now standing tall at the year of 31, he whirled his 6000 of investment into a turnover of almost 2 crores.

Be living in his creativity and awareness of the classic as well as the contemporary concept of aesthetic, he continued to grow in his field creating a niche that will leave a long-lasting effect on the mind of the clients.

Starting his journey with nothing but one table, chair, and a bit of money with a computer system to help him design, this one-man army turned his life around as he stands with one of the most prominent awards in the world of architecture. Their National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Award stands witness to their creativity  

The Struggles They Faced

Coming from a middle-class family, Ar. Aquin Noel had always had a flair for creativity and used his skills to represent his artistic expression into rather important things. Engraving his ideology that a balance has to be struck in this growing economy to retain humanity in the lifeless creations, he found it hard to portray his ideas with clear concepts.

Keeping in mind that one has to make a profit through any client, he found it rather hard to maintain their finances effectively. Understanding the fact that through their zeal to learn and the power to adapt in any situations that require them to be more enduring, they can grow to be the best in the field.

“So we just learn and grow organically. So here, as Architects, we are not taught from a lot of institutions about how we can manage our financial resources, etc.”

The Inspiration Behind Their Success:

Though there is a growing issue of anxiety and tension regarding the financial aspect, they have taken up the task with a strong face. Taking their inspiration from the mastermind in the field, ‘Ar. Oscar G Concessao from Chennai as a role model and Ar. Karan Grover’, and how they have taken care of their work, these two masterminds taught them how to do practice and how to improve while engaging themselves in practice.

These two have imparted knowledge that helped them to grow as a battalion where they can generally communicate effectively and efficiently. For artistic articulation, inspiration was taken from many different filmmakers as their methods of articulation helped him to analyze and decide on his method.

Advice For The Young Mind At Work:

Knowing well how important it is for a budding architect to provide all their artistic expression through their skills, the only thing that Ar. Noel could say to the young mind at work is that they should keep an open mind. Learning from his own experience where he accepted both success and regrets, he knew that only after a fall, one would become capable to climb up again.

“Efforts have to be consistent. If you consistently give in the best of your efforts, you will reach heights!”

Only by believing in themselves and the skills, they have, will they reach the heights that they want to achieve.

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