After gaining hands on experience in few prestigious projects, this talented Architect & Interior designer is starting-up by her own

Sana Khadepaun – Consultant Architect

It all started from a very early age, when she closely observed her uncles and father discuss about real estate projects, and used to get fascinated when they made site visits. That’s when she got inclined towards the field of creating buildings and structures. Sana Khadepaun always dreamt of shaping up her career as a successful architect and build landmark projects. Today, after spending 12 years in this very field, she has kind of started walking the right path in right direction. As a qualified Architect graduate from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat and Masters of Architecture with Sustainable development at Texas A & M University, she had all the knowledge which needed some kind of practical exposure to aid her achieve her aspirations.

Interning with renowned Architect Sanjay Puri in Mumbai during her UG gave her the push to pursue higher studies in architectural field, explore more and get to know from other parts of the globe. Her love for travelling was the icing on the cake. She experienced new designs and structures from various destinations of her globe tottering. According to Sana,

“Looking at buildings from all around the world gives me immense joy and satisfaction. Living in Mumbai for a year inspired me to travel more and visit all major cities in the world. That’s how USA happened. I went on to pursue my masters from the US and took up a student job. I utilized every opportunities to go around the country and quenched my thirst for knowledge. I also went to Japan for study and travel.”

She takes pride in orating her work experience with GLMV Architecture in Houston, Texas. She was overwhelmed to work on big projects such as the BAPS Mandir Sabha Hall in the temple complex area that is built on a two acre land parcel and have a capacity to house 5000 people. She also worked on hospitals project, healthcare facilities, military buildings, restaurants, stores and much more. And with that she brings in dynamics in her portfolio.

However, it was 2019, when the entire world was reeling under the pandemic, Sana had no choice left but to return to India. But then that didn’t suppress her spirits. She took up a job in a Kolkata based architectural firm that worked mostly for US based clients, which came in as a blessing to her. She was more than happy to utilize her US market experience to create some amazing results. Well, it’s during this time, she started taking up small interior design projects all by herself, and within a year and half, she successfully completed three house interiors and one office space. Sana was ecstatic to mention that,

“My work has been widely appreciated by all and I am loving it. I enjoy how I am getting to be a part of best of both architecture and interior field.”

Currently she is juggling between her regular job and personal consultancy practice, and is hungry for more. She is a quick learner and takes up each and every project as a new challenge with complete vigour. The fact that architecture can affect lives of people from around the world, she is mindful in using every bit of nature in her projects, to make it look more green and eco-friendly. Renewable energy and less carbon foot prints are centroid to her projects, which happens to be the future of architecture and interiors.

Like every dreamy entrepreneur, she wishes to open her own personal office space with employees buzzing around. She would travel and pick up ideas and inspirations from various corners of the globe and incorporate the same in her creations. As a beginner, she had her own share of struggle, but that’s all part of the learning curve. New location, new people and new work was always a challenge. She recalls,

“With Architecture, it’s never the same case – the site is different, client is different, choice is different and expectations are different too. So I always try to study all of that before putting down anything on the drawing board. It’s very important to know what the client wants and their choice, taste, and expectations. Once you understand your client, it can all go well.”

She feels theoretical knowledge blended with practical exposure makes or breaks a career. Managing healthy relationship with clients also helps and is key to success. Hard work & sincerity will eventually pay off and that’s what she advices to all the newcomers in this field. She signs off with pride and states about her shortlisted work in London. We wish her all the very best.

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