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Narayan Rathod – Founder & CEO, RD Accessories, Mumbai

RD Accessories started its journey in 2017 by holding hands of its proprietor, Narayan Rathod, who was just 20 then and didn’t want to settle for a job. Instead, he wanted to be independent through his entrepreneurial venture of creating high quality audio devices, mobile accessories, and smart wearables. RD Accessories designs its gadgets to provide users with a modern touch and modern sleek designs. Making no compromises with the quality of products, the company focuses on taking the tech acumen of the public a notch higher. The company makes this evident by using the tag of #OneStepAhead as its essence across multiple platforms.

Narayan always took inspiration from his elder brother, Chetan Rathod, who has been a dynamic businessman and understands the pulse of the market. Since childhood, Narayan closely observed his brother and always wanted to be an entrepreneur from a very early age. And now after setting up RD Accessories successfully, he is a proud man. Besides doing successful business, the brand holds a strong belief in giving back to society. Through RD foundation, they have taken the initiative to help the poor and unprivileged community sections. They provide medicines to those who cannot afford them. To fulfil their mission across the areas of Rajasthan, the foundation distributes medicines for BP, diabetes and all generic medications free of cost.

RD Accessories have created their own niche and have their set of loyal customers. The company is known to offer convenience through their innovative products, whether wired or wireless audio devices, mobile accessories or wearables. Through unique design, they are impacting the market, and are creating an impression on the lives of people who work with them. The RD Accessories team is a family of beautiful people who have a positive mind-set and comes up with innovations.

Narayan proudly declares that,

“Through our products, we are trying to simplify the life of people through our wide range of products – Bluetooth speakers, power banks, headsets, earphones, smart wearables and chargers. All our products are convenient, sleek and stylish at the same time.”

RD Accessories has signed up actor Randeep Hooda as its brand ambassador, who flawlessly resonates with the brand’s persona and would be able to connect with the target audiences. Future is bright for this RD Accessories, under able leadership of Narayan, the firm has 200+ super stockists, 1500+ distributors. Except for India, it has created a base in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, where the products are sold too. Plans are there to explore other international markets. No matter how globalized it becomes in future, the core element would be present everywhere i.e. ethics, determination and self-reliability.

Every entrepreneur has to face some kind of struggle along their path of success, and Narayan wasn’t spared either. While sharing his struggle, he says,

“While we moved ahead in this business, we realized some of the parts we were importing from China were getting costlier. With all the resources we had, we came up with a plan to set up our manufacturing units in India. I think this was the breakthrough. This is how we also became a company with the #makeinindia initiative and self-dependent.”

The market was significantly small earlier with low penetration of mobile phones. The sales of mobile devices were pretty low. In the mid-2017s, when the market began to grow, Narayan and his team tapped the untapped potential of audio devices and mobile accessories and launched RD Accessories. Since then, there’s no looking back. As a young entrepreneur bubbling with energy, he has some tips for the new comers who want to excel in this field. Narayan feels that dedication is the key to success. Trust and transparency is also important to run an organisation. Focus on quality products further takes you to new heights. In 2021, RD Accessories was awarded the “Business Excellence Award” for Iconic Coolest Gadget of The Year and the team is super excited about it. We congratulate and hope that more such accolades and recognitions would come their way.

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