An Educationist With Visionary Leadership: She Is An Exceptional Role-model For Children

Guneet Ohri, born in Dehradun Uttarakhand, to very progressive parents who had the firm belief that Good education lays the foundation stone for holistic development, she acquired her education from the Convent of Jesus and Mary and went on to graduate with History honors from Panjab University Chandigarh.

She completed her PG from there itself and went back to acquire her B.Ed. from Garhwal University where she passed with high merit and a scholarship for pursuing further studies. However, she soon got married and moved cities, and began her career in education.

With over 30 years of experience in academics and administrative assignments in schools of high repute across Delhi-NCR, she is now the Principal at The Suncity School-37D Gurugram.

Her Road To Success

Her qualities and path-breaking initiatives towards the cause of education have earned her a reputation as a dynamic, energetic as well as an innovative educationist with visionary leadership. With her teaching life exuding immense hard work and meticulous planning, she was always at the forefront when it came to learning and executing anything that would benefit the young learners. Her love for children and teaching was a perennial source of encouragement that kept her going with unparalleled excitement.

Her entire educational journey has been undertaken to keep in mind the quote-

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. By Albert Einstein.

She began her career in the field of education as a teacher of Social Studies at St. Stephan’s, Chandigarh in 1986. She moved to Delhi in 1987 and joined New Era Public School as a Geography teacher.

She joined the Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj in 1989 as a teacher of Geography.

In the year 2006, after moving to Gurgaon, she joined Delhi Public School and was assigned the responsibility as the Head of the Department – Social Sciences. As a recognition of her exemplary work in her role as a Head of the department, she was then promoted to the position of a Headmistress where she devoted her entire energy and focus to the newly assigned administrative role along with her prime passion for teaching.

Her Other Endeavours

Besides supervising all daily operations of the school including establishing policies, student enrolments, staff hiring, training, and supervision, meeting with parents, and advertising the school’s services to constantly increase or maintain enrolment levels, she also oversaw the emotional, social, educational and physical well-being of the students. 

She interacted with children and dealt with discipline issues. A keen environmentalist, she also initiated many conservation drives in school and can be given the credit of initiating the first in house MUN.

In July of 2013, Ms. Ohri joined The Ridge Valley School, Gurugram – a school set up in collaboration with the DLF Foundation and by the Universal Learn Today the education division of India Today promoters of Vasant Valley School New Delhi. An outstanding contribution of Ms. Ohri at The Ridge Valley School was an affiliation of the school with CBSE, making the school an Inclusive school to support and empower the differently-abled students of our society.

She also started the Guest Speaker Programme wherein every month, eminent speakers visited the school to share a piece of their mind with the future of the country and this led to additional exposure for the students.  

With a progressive mindset and the need to ensure that real learning takes place, she has created a beautiful balance between the head and the heart among the educators and students. A keen environmentalist, she has launched the ‘UPAHHAR’ project under which children actively participate in contributing towards the cause of the underprivileged.

Awards & Achievements

This incredible woman has several awards & some of her achievements and awards include:

Guest speaker at various educational and social platforms such as EdTech review K12, School wiser, Career Launcher, Member CBSE (12) flying squad for a surprise visit to examination centers, External examiner for Geography (Practical examination) Grade XII CBSE, Development of Water Harvesting Unit for the school (DPS Vasant Kunj), Development and successfully conceptualizing of the concept of a bi-annual environment magazine –GO GREEN at DPS Vasant Kunj and many more.

For awards, there are The ASSOCHAM Education Excellence Award for the Best School in April 2013, Microsoft Showcase School Awards 2016-17, Global Icon Awards 2021- Best Educationist & Principal in School Education in Gurugram, and the journey proceeds.

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