No Funds, No Proper Education To Navigate His Idea, He Still Became One Of India’s Leading Entrepreneurs In Short Time

Shubham Sharma, a self Driven entrepreneur, built Hydrotech Clean Energy Co, a company that is a manufacturer and exporter of automatic Hydrogen based engine decarbonizing machines which helps to reduce carbon deposit from any engine in just 30 minutes without opening it and without any chemical.

He is a 32-year-old, self-driven man based on a middle-Class Uttar Pradesh Family. With a simple aim to employ 10000 plus people, he began his journey with MBA and took careful sales & Marketing, research, and client management in the company. He found that in India there is no culture for middle-class families to make their child an entrepreneur, it drove him to go into the field and rather do the job for someone, create jobs for many along with entrepreneurship in people and till yet he was successful in this by creating 500 plus employment and 100 plus entrepreneurs.

The Blueprint Of His Plan

In 2013, when he was only 24, he started his journey. Now when he is 31 & looks back at things that came across, he doesn’t regret it a bit.

The company is already actively working in 14 states of India and 5 counties. The main focus of the idea has always been projected under the present scenario that carbon emission is the biggest issue in the entire world and there is always no solution yet given by any company or authority that how to reduce carbon emission from old vehicles. Hence, his company works for it and we decarbonize the vehicles and reduce its emission up to 90% in just 30 minutes without dismantling the engine. Apart from that, after decarbonizing the vehicle becomes more powerful, smooth, more mileage, and less polluted.

The company now can successfully claim that the vehicle performance is down and the mileages decrease as the vehicle runs for 30 or 40 thousand kilometers and there is no option available in the market to regain the power and performance like a New One 

They at Hydro Tech have developed an automatic engine decarbonizing machine that can solve this issue in just 30 minutes and result in clients getting more pickup and power smoothness and mileage. From a social point of view, the carbon emission and pollution are increasing day by day and by their machines, yet they can reduce the emission instantly.

However, for the future, Mr. Sharma believes that his organization holds a very good position. In this business, because the entire world is looking for a solution to reduce the air pollution caused by motor vehicles and they have the idea and product which can solve the problem at very low cost and in a very short time so until unless the hydrocarbon fuels like petrol and diesel will use in motor vehicle till then the future is here.

“if you get the answer which satisfies your inner soul then nobody can stop you”

The Struggling Days

Like you may have anticipated, the days of his struggle were hard. There is a lot of struggle he faced and still struggling now as well, but the struggle is the key to betterment he believes.

The lack of funds and the fact that there was no book available for this product and idea in the market so whatever they develop it has come after so much failure and experiments and still and his team are learning and developing as per the market demand and to make it more efficient and less cost-oriented model. Lucky that he does not believe in permanent failures. 

Although he has failed a lot of time earlier and now as well in experiments, yet nothing is permanent. Every problem has a solution, hence, he only needed to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

Also, finding the opportunity in the market wasn’t easy but India is very big in terms of population and there is a huge amount of public transport used to carry people from this place to other so the fuel Hike causes the travel fair high and it impacts the life of a middle-class man and for personal vehicle user the problem is same.

His second thought was that The WHO, UN, and  Indian government itself had research that Air pollution is happening due to motor vehicle emission and there is no option available to reduce it, especially in old running vehicles. So he took the opportunity that if he can reduce the cost per kilometer and reduce the carbon emission, his idea can be successful, and NOW, they are doing it.

For a man with a heart full of bravery and courage, he was bound for great things. Hence, these India’s Leadership Award 2020, Business excellence award 2021, Business icon Award 2020 are just the beginning.

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