An Explorer Of Designing Space: His Works Only Reflect Elegance

Paresh Harsora, an avid design explorer who simply likes sheer elegance and a minimalistic approach, runs a design studio (Foax Design Studio).

Art Through Business

Inaugurated in 2017, Harsora believes that Design is one of the most efficient yet complex things out in the market. It can sort one’s lifestyle as well as give them a better lifestyle.

By taking The Pritzker jury citation,  which says Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal “have shown that architecture can greatly impact our communities and contribute to the awareness that we are not alone,” Harsora nurtures his business.

To him, calling his craft a mere business would be quite unfair. Architecture is the art of solving lifestyle issues personally and community level; he wants people to start recognizing designers who make life effortless by designing the perfect space with utmost elegance.

Further, according to his notion, his business has a contribution to society. As he says “Designing a space is a tough and interesting job itself because you can just assume the usage of space in a certain way,” and not sure if we can argue on that.

To him, the end-user is likely to use the space in a completely different manner and which in turn won’t make a negative space is the most critical aspect of a practical design. So is the case with materials; if not chosen wisely, the design can change the space into a disaster.

Here, on this note, Mr. Harsora’s design ideologies and strategies make their brand exceptional in their respective field.

“It’s our design and, of course, our clients who trust us with our strategies. Every project comes with a different aspect apart from design, i.e., budget, requirements, expectations, time frame, etc. We try to cater to all of them with our best caliber and endeavors.”

To continue his journey as a designer, it has been an aspiration for him to make someone’s dream home come to life. This profession makes him experience the inner joy and peace of watching the clients living in their dream space.

Upon asking if he shares the same ideologies with someone else, he replies – “Tadav Ando, a self-taught architect whose style and perspective towards architecture made a revolution in the field. His works included modern structure with superior minimalism, and I guess such minimalism is the key to many such great designs.”

Other than him, there’s Ar. Falguni Desai, with whom he worked in the initial years of his career, worked for seven years before venturing into his firm. Her works have aspired a way beyond; her quality of staying firm on her decisions had always inspired him in every way. Lastly, Renzo Piano, an architect whose works have a simple and holistic approach towards superstructures of the modern era.

In the beginning, it was only the willingness to take responsibility for what he wanted to deliver to the clients, was the key to the door of his business. Apart from that, he thinks that one should be good at building contacts and a zestful team ready to work under different circumstances with all creative ideas.

“Every entrepreneur should know how to sell his/her product with the maximum profit but also not at the cost of the quality that is being delivered to the client.”

For those starting now in the design field, Harsora thinks it’s their design and ideologies which make them stand out in the crowd where there are many more like them. “Client satisfaction is the utmost key to understanding your work and strategizing the future scope of work,” says he

Lastly, his advice to those who require some insight is to stay dedicated to your work; hence that is the key to success. Things do take time and, in a world full of competition, one must stay strong, humble, and trustworthy. It is essential for everyone to win a client’s trust and ensure that you can deliver them the best. It is also what Harsora truly believes.

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