An innocent question of a little girl sparked the idea of an authentic spice business that yields an annual turnover of Rs. 36,00,000 today

Rony Varghese Abraham, Roann’s Kitchen

The stardust sprinkles upon you when you have a heart of gold and nerves of steel. Who could have dared to launch a start-up amidst a global pandemic? While he was abreast with the drowning economy, he splashed out with zeal. Let us know more about his entry into entrepreneurship amidst worldwide lockdown.

Mr Rony Varghese Abraham is on his quest to become a common household name with his freshly-grounded spices. Living in the hub of spice land, Kerala, his company pledged to provide organic and fresh spices across the globe.

With a master’s degree in Business Management and specialisation in Operation Management, he also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Having strong technical knowledge and administration capabilities, he had a stable job in Operation Management. After gaining fourteen years of experience in NDT inspection, amusement devices inspection, operation management, lifting instrument inspection, in-house and external training, and business development, Mr Varghese Abraham was ready to start his venture. In 2020, he established Roann’s Kitchen to serve premium quality spices across the country.

Usually, people derive inspiration from great scholars, philosophers, and achievers. However, his source of inspiration was his little daughter, Roann, and her innocent questions, which compelled him to become an entrepreneur. With the purity of a child’s heart, Mr Abraham and his wife undertook the responsibility to cater unadulterated spice requirements of the households.

“My daughter, Roann, asked my wife and me during the beginning of Covid19 back in 2020 that why are we grinding our own spice powders when we have a lot of companies providing the ready to use spice powders. We have explained to her that this is safer and the ones in the market are not reliable. She then asked – why cannot we start a business to provide the same quality spice powders to the entire world so that everyone can eat healthily. This made me and my wife think of it, and we have decided to start a company and named it after our daughter – Roann’s Kitchen.”

says Mr Rony Varghese Abraham.

Every business faces initial struggles. Apart from the existing problems, Roann’s Kitchen had to overcome COVID-19 challenges too. Their unshaken confidence and unwavering determination helped them conquer the difficulties. He and his wife studied the market thoroughly to supply reliable spice powders. Today, Roann’s Kitchen is emerging as one of the biggest suppliers of fresh and pure spice powders to restaurants and catering units.

Mr Abraham strongly believes in teamwork. He plans to achieve the company’s goal through human resource development, on-site and external training, in-house employee growth, etc. The prime motto of their business is to make available wholesome goodness of genuine spices. Roann’s Kitchen has a promising future since it never compromises on quality. Its suppliers are nurturers of organic spice gardens in the state. In addition, its professional staff, leading technology, and reliable raw materials give the company a competitive edge.

In a short span, Roann’s Kitchen has won several awards. It has received the Most Trusted Brand in South India 2021 – Spices from The Global Choice Award. Mr Rony Varghese Abraham has been honoured with the CEO of the Year Award 2021 from the Indian Achievers Award. Apart from this, he has won India 500 CEO Award 2020 and the 500 Start-Up Award and India from India 5000 MSME Awards.

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