The Man Behind India’s Top Most Coaching Was Once a Village Boy With No Guidance To Proper Education

This is an inspiring story of a teacher, a village boy, a thinker, and a struggler who had no proper guidance and exposure to education, became one of the leading founders of IIB LATUR, India’s topmost coaching centers for NEET.

Mr. Chirag.S.Senma (Academic Director), IIB LATUR, was a brilliant mind, with no scope to accomplish something out of the box. While pursuing his education, he came to realize the amount of professional diversity and decided to become a teacher. He chose to teach to interact with young minds, provide them specific knowledge, which is mandatory to guide the minds of youth in the right direction.

Over time, Mr. Senma realized that proper education could be used as a weapon to train the young mind to think optimistically. According to him, “today intelligence is not an issue among students; the issue is Consistency.” With this vision in mind, he created IIB LATUR to train students and develop their attitude towards any challenges they will be facing. The organization does not only shape sharp minds educationally but also prepare them to face anything in life.

His IIB LATUR now has the highest success ratio in all India National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. As a biology teacher, he thinks, “a lot of Student-centric experimentation with education pattern to enhance NEET success rate in students which have perhaps given me a space among students as Biology Teacher and mentor.”

His Words of Wisdom:

The academy provides free scholarships for the talented & encourage the economically unstable students to pursue their dreams without hesitation. His great deed is truly appreciable and inspiring to people of all ages. Having a dreadful experience and lack of facilities in his own life, Mr. Senma tries his best to provide his students with the best of everything.

Emptiness of proper guidance, conceptual teaching, and encouragement in my life has driven me so far to be best at guidance, teaching, and encouragement so that my students do not have that emptiness throughout their life” He Says

When we asked him, whether there has been an idol or inspiration in his life whom he looks upon to, he says; “I personally don’t suggest any student make any idol in life as when we have an idol we can achieve or walk on a path only till where that idol has achieved or walked.” You can understand his ideology in life. This is his mantra to his students and the people who seek guidance from him. He believes that struggles and sacrifices are a mandatory part of life for growth. These aspects of life uplift and enhance one’s life for better, he suggests to design life instead.

He ends his story by telling us, “Teacher is a role model for students… Knowledge and art of penetrating… Development never-ending process so don’t stop yourself at any point”

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