At the end of the tunnel of struggles and fear lies a light of strength and courage.

Is it sufficient to have a role model from whom one can draw inspiration to achieve the goals?  Many would nod in agreement.  However, some make it across the rocking bridge with their sheer wit and determination.  Well, let us read on to know more.

The greatest quality of a human being is to have an undying spirit to work towards the goals irrespective of the hurdles intimidating you to quit.  Hailing from a family where monetary crunch curbed his dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant, Apurva Bhagat went on to create Apoorvaa Foundation to provide credit rectification services.  He carved his strength from his struggles and knowledge from observations. 

Failures and doubts may discourage you to move ahead, but they are only speed-breakers of life.  Apurva did not let limitations and uncertainty define his future. He continued to advance despite them.  He firmly believed in the dignity of hard work instead of destiny to become the person he had decided.  To stand apart from the crowd, Apurva urged himself to learn new things and sharpen his abilities.  At the age of 21, when youngsters are yet to decide their career, Apuva was the CEO of Apoorva Foundation.

In the year 1998, Apurva established Apoorva Foundation intending to help others with their financial concerns, to increase their credibility, and arranging affordable funds.  His credit repair service helps businesses set up healthy credit and expand their financial status. 

Apoorva Foundation offers several services, such as free credit counseling, generating credit reports, debt settlement, loan assistance, and more.  The company assists its clients to overcome financial challenges to build a reputation in the market.  Apoorva Foundation is pivotal in creating a healthy credit.  It enables SMEs to expand their business, increase inventory, stabilize their status in the market with improved cash flow.  Apoorva Foundation assists them through financial and legal consultancy to make them healthier and stronger financially.

“The hardship of my personal life gave me ample lessons to learn.  These struggles helped me lead a successful professional life. Most importantly, It has taught me how to manage finance. Further, I have explored the financial industry, which helped me develop expertise in credit analysis. Today, I proudly confess that my organization helps many people to manage their finances.” – said Apurva in a chat with KenFolios.

The journey of my hardship had a fruitful outcome in my life.  I learned to adapt.  My perspective broadened, and I was ready to take risks.   I never let my weakness come in my way of success.  Being the pioneer of credit repair business, Apoorva Foundation is contributing to society by removing loan approval hurdles for SMEs.  We assist them with stress-free services to expand their businesses.  Our efforts also help in the stable growth of the country’s economy.

At the end of the day, it is satisfying to know that working meticulously for self-growth, and contributing to others’ development, can yield the impossible.  Apurva only relied upon his strength to reach a point where he can offer support to others.  He wants to set an example for others to never allow excuses to stop them forging ahead on the path of success.

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