By Working Hard And Putting Her All In What She Believed In, Mrs. Panicker Achieve Her Dream With Nothing But Hard Work, Passion, And Strong Will

The heart knows no boundaries; the mind knows no barricades; the psyche knows no bounds when it comes to turning passion into one’s profession. Understanding her potential and recognizing that her heart lay somewhere else, Mrs. Rasika Panicker shifted from the corporate world to molding someone’s future with her own hands.

Believing in the fact that it is rather important to build the future of a child as they are the future upon whom the country’s perspective lay, she changed positions herself from that 9-5 schedule to teach the children of five years of age.

“I never felt doing jobs in the corporates, inspiring. I always thought, how can I put my education into best practice?! And the answer to it is and was, my passion towards teaching”.

Her passion for imparting knowledge and her staunch will never tell her to give up, providing her with the inspiration she needed to keep going on. Though she had a degree in journalism and mass communication, her proficiency in how this society works helped her create a foundation where she can lay her groundwork.

Her first step was taken by taking a bachelor of education degree. After that, She worked as a teacher in a reputable school. After garnering experience for five years, her passion for providing education to kids took an important turn as she decided to open her school.

“My journey as a teacher for five years has brought me the potential to start a new school for the students, who want to be aspirant learners.”

The essence of her school:

The knowledge she acquired and the skills that she took up in many different fields helped her to keep her headstrong in even the time of despair. At a young age, by trying diligently, by giving her all, she took up the work to gain the recognition she wanted to earn through her school.

“I diligently worked towards attaining my goal. In the year 2017, I established Rosary High School in the city of Badlapur, Thane, with 60 students studying from class 1st to 3rd at the primary level.”

From 60 students to 205 students who joined her school naturally, the growth of her school and the growth of Mrs. Panicker can be seen through the establishment.

Her school’s main essence was to provide the care and supervision that a child needs while growing up. Understanding the need to create an atmosphere where effective maintenance is carried out so that children can grow up to be the best learner, Mrs. Panicker incorporated many methods to provide attention to each student equally, creating cultural advancement through her classes in her school. By taking her passion to the next level, her school has achieved the title of “One of the Best Schools in Badlapur.”

The struggles she faced:

Switching from one field to another, taking the role of an educator and a director, was a huge challenge for Mrs. Panicker. Though her life is a roller coaster ride, Mrs. Panicker took up the task with utmost importance and respect for the profession. The profession required her to take mammoths of responsibility.

From Looking into administration to doing the admission process, from hiring qualified teachers, designing the academics to getting permission from the education minister of Maharashtra to build a stare recognized school was something that she achieved to accomplish one by one. In the time of despair, she turned to her mother and sister, who is her rock.

“There is no AGE limit in success.”

Believing in her dream and the encouragement of the people she loved, she kept on fighting till she achieved what was hers.

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