From Nothing To Everything, The Journey Of A Creative Mind That Changed Everything About Designing

The articulation of artistic ideas on heaps of bricks is not only a tough task but a meaningful one. Do you know why? Because this portrayal of expression provides life to those bricks tells a story that only a person with a vision can see. Have you ever wondered who is the one that makes it all come into realization? It is the task of the designer to provide the lifeless construction with life through their artistic representation.

Sharing the same belief that many designers have, Ms. KIRTI SHRIVASTAVA, engraved her thoughts with a view that only art doused in a timeless cultural affair can turn a house into a home. With this ideology, she continued to grow as a designer with her creation as a weapon.

Space Art, which came to inception in 2006 has earned her a turnover of 25cr at the current year which continues to thrive as a budding business. She started her journey with only one dream, that she will make it big in a small city away from Bhopal, that she will invest her soul and passion into doing something, into building something genuine that would lead her to fulfill her wishes.

“This dream (driving a car) changed in due course though, but it made me do what I am doing right now.”

The essence of her business:

The need to live lavishly, the need to make it big in a small city fueled her desire to achieve accomplishment. Starting her journey at the young age of 23, Ms. Shrivastava has been taking on projects in pan-India, that too selectively, so that she and the client’s vision can align and create a masterpiece that would reflect the concept that they had envisaged.

By lending her artistic expression mixed with technical assistance and unique tone, the dreams of the common folks are turned into a living space in a constricted budget.

“Aesthetics added by our work charms those who are working in the given area, scientifically speaking “organized and beautiful” space makes people happy and knowingly increasing their efficiency.”

Trying to focus on increasing their happiness by helping them realize their dream, by helping them to be something that only they can contribute to is the main aspect of her firm.

“We make sure that at the end of the day our client is at peace so even he can contribute to society.”

Only by ensuring that a person can enjoy living in their dream house at a budgeted price point was the essence of her enterprise.

The struggles she faced:

Even though Ms. Shrivastava excelled at materializing the dreams of others, giving their concept a concrete realization, it was not done through trials and error. Like any other designers, she had to steer herself through a storm to see the rainbow.

Existentialism was one of the most engraving issues that made her feel out of place. Not being able to share the same sensation that she felt through her soul to the place of her belonging was taking a toll on her, mentally, financially, and physically. However, keeping a strong head and focused to achieve her dream, she continued to charge ahead with everything she had.

“You need to be consistent and patient, keep working hard and smart.”

Inspired by Organic Architecture and the master of the phenomena, Franklin Lloyd, who made her believe that humanity can be restored and harmonized by bringing the philosophical input into the design, she regained her faith and proceeded with creating.

Advice to the next generation:

Her personal experience resonates with her guidance as she imparts only one piece of advice for the next generation.

“Consistency and Patient is the key to any and every venture, name and fame does not come overnight, keep working hard”

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