Capitalising Metaverse platform to offer virtual expos across industries

Krishna Pandya – Founder, Saleplus CRM Techno Pvt Ltd

Krishnakumar Pandya, the serial entrepreneur from Pune has now ventured in an integrated metaverse platform that is considered to be a disruptor. With a capital investment of 0.4 crore, he started the firm in 2020 and is currently 1 Cr worth company. His venture Salemax Plus has already garnered kudos from all quarters. It has got the opportunity to work with Maharashtra government on tourism platform to promote Maharashtra tourism at a national and global level. The AR/VR and AI driven platform of Salemax Plus aims to promote tourism and education through virtual expos.

Krishna proudly declares,

“We are also under discussion for education tech platform for Maharashtra Govt. to promote Maharashtra Education at a national and international level. Salemax Plus has also successfully organized India’s Biggest Online Property Expo with AR/VR Technology. The event was organized for 14 top developers with 25 Projects that were launched in the peak period of Pandemic.  Salemax Plus successfully had 5000+ visitors on its platform.”

Krishna’s idea of tourism promotion via AR/VR technology to promote tourism of India has also been well appreciated by PM Modi. Salemax Pro, at such a young age, has been the Runner up of National Start-up Award 2021, a moment of pride and glory. With 15+ team of professionals and technical team of 200 Tech Experts via Strategic Partnership, Salemax Plus is making all the right noises in the industry.

Through Salemax Plus, Krishna aims to developed first ever and unique online mega event and sale platform to sell Real Estate, which infact helped the small and mid-developers to release their inventories despite of pandemic restrictions in place. This online platform would also allow prospective buyers to explore and buy home at their convenience and comfort. Further, via webinar, Real Estate training provided by SaleMax Plus would also provide a Work from Home Opportunities and earn online. It would help create new entrepreneurs.

Salemax offers innovative product range in Travel and Tourism i.e. travel to any place with simple single click at your comfort & convenience with the AR/VR Technology in combination with Metaverse Platform. An AR/VR and AI driven intelligent tech platform will eliminate all the hassles involved in the admission process via bridging the gap by bringing in all the schools, colleges, universities, education consultants, education channel partners, parents, students under one single tech platform rather than physically roaming from one school to other and remaining confused with the courses offered.

This particular technology will also simplify healthcare services, consultancy, telemedicine and counselling at any place with simple single click function.

Krishna is a young generation entrepreneur driven by the core philosophy of infusing “Scalability with Sustainability” through his ultimate vision of nation building by creating next generation leaders & entrepreneurs. He is a dynamic, disruptive forward-thinker, trendsetter, determined for excellence and innovation in all that he does. He is a firm believer that Innovation starts with insane curiosity, passion for lifelong learning, and relentless focus on what could be the next. With this approach he began his entrepreneurship journey with a single self-man to 150+ professionals team, 200+ business associates across 7 ventures, not just achieving the target but also delivering the exponential 40% plus YOY growth with a suitability record time of fewer than 30 months from the inception.

He is known to be a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Story Teller, Business Consultant, and Public Speaker based out of Pune, who have been inspiring the new age young entrepreneurs to do more and achieve limitless. His mentorship is what budding entrepreneurs seek, and people also come to him for his ideas, strategy, meticulous planning, and flawless execution. As a guide, he shares his experience to them so that they can excel in their entrepreneurial journey.

The fact that many sectors are suffering due to lack of technology has prompted Krishna to come up with Salemax Plus, so that unorganized and unstructured system existing in education system, travel & tourism sector, healthcare services etc can be eliminated. It will also bring in efficiency through transparency. Stakeholders will be empowered with authentic information on good educational institutes, tourism spots, and better healthcare centres. It will make the approach more customer-centric.

Over the past few years, AR and VR technology has evolved a lot and it’s no more limited to games or the entertainment field in general as the VR applications are expanding to many other fields and businesses including retail, e-commerce, education, tourism, engineering & manufacturing, training, healthcare, construction, architecture & interior design, real estate, marketing & advertising, sports, etc.

Our beloved PM Narendra Modi has been his inspiration professionally. His vision of “let’s innovate for India, innovate from India” has actually encouraged Krishna to find this new firm. Property shows and expos were badly affected during the pandemic, as a result he brought in the virtual expo concept through his firm. He feels,

“Starting a business entails understanding and dealing with many issues like legal, financing, sales and marketing, human resources, and more. And there have been spectacular success stories of early stage startups growing to be multi-billion-dollar companies, such as Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Airbnb, and many others.”

Within a very short span in Real Estate space, Krishna has created his own niche. And his efforts were being duly recognised and felicitated by various industry bodies. RE/MAX V21 has been awarded Top (Best) Channel Partners by PUNE’s No.1 Developer Kolte Patil Developers Limited. He also bagged Challenger Award by India’s No.1 Developer Godrej Properties Limited. Godrej Properties have recognised him as the most consistent and highest selling channel partners. It has also been recognized as Marketing Excellence by Kohinoor Developers.

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