Creating a Central Training Institute For Technical & Managerial Training By an IAS

I.A.S V Kiran Gopal- Managing Director, Central Training Institute, MPPKVVCL

This is a government organization, also named as Central Training Institute. They were founded in Nayagaon, Jabalpur. Through this institution, several types of training are conducted, including Induction training, Refresher training, On-job training, and  Routine training to all employees. Starting from the officers of the first rank to the technical staff such as office assistance etc.

This is an ISO:9001:2015 certified training institute, equipped with air-conditioned classrooms, projectors, computer centres, testing laboratories, library, seminar hall, etc.  Through this institute, candidates will experience excellent faculty and other academia. It also imparts training to employees of different organizations as per their request.

Well, the institute also provides vocational training to Diploma/B.E/B. Tech, MBA, MCA, LLB students of several engineering colleges, management, and law institutes. This organization was invented in 2010, currently providing technical & managerial training to employees.


Mainly focused on skill development, increased employability, and a better standard of living for people. A candidate who is admitted to this institution will never lack any of the skill development qualities. They will be radied with the best training possible for their respective fields.

The organization has only one motto, and that is “Making India a skilled Nation.” Sir A.P.J Abdul Kalam has been a massive inspiration behind the establishment of this institute. The struggle of this Govt. Institute is not anything but getting along with teamwork. The team includes Trainers, Faculty, Instructors, DGM, and CGM.

The one big goal behind the institute is the significant population of India, which is unskilled. Thus, the continuous demand for skill development remains. Only with the help of proper guidance and discipline, greatness can be achieved.

Mr V Kiran Gopal (IAS) answers upon asking, what has been the best learning from his profession? And his witty answer will stun you. Which is, “A Skilled person is an asset of the Nation.” We salute him for thinking this way & being an amazing managing director for this institution.


Even without further explanation, you would understand why this institution is excellent to be skilled for respective Govt. Jobs. The central Training Institute is a recipient of several awards, which include

  • CEDIA AWARD 2011
  • Education Excellence Award 2012
  • Business leaders summit and Award 2017 (Worldwide Achievers)

This is a perfect organization for people who are looking for professional guidance and skill development qualities. And we are thrilled and honoured to share the details with all of you. If you are interested in learning or knowing more about CTI, find your way through their official website. You will find everything you are looking for.

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