Designing modern and creative concepts for living spaces of their clients

Lakshmi & Mallikarjun – Founder, Castle Interior Studio

Established in mid-2022, Castle Interior Studio is fast gaining attention through their modern and unique designs. This Bangalore based firm is founded by Lakshmi, a Civil engineer and her Mechanical engineer husband, Mallikarjun who has always dreamt of initiating their entrepreneurial journey through their own set-up. Though Lakshmi didn’t get an opportunity to gain professional experience after her graduation, she was confident of doing well for her own firm.

Castle Interior Studio is known to be working closely with its clients, giving priority to their tastes and styles. It makes their dreams go live in terms of space management. It works around the client’s inspiration, goals, and budget, to design the perfect space they would want to fit their lifestyle. Experienced designers work with one-on-one basis to bring client’s vision to life, thereby complete it with a 3D rendering of the actual space. Lakshmi is thoroughly professional in her approach in making every single project customer centric.

Lakshmi is blessed to have her hubby, Mallikarjun, who is supportive, hard working and inspires her with his honesty and professional transparency. For both of them, Castle Interior is a dream come true venture through which they are committed to create happy clients in their repertoire. Their designs are inspired from everyday life and would impact both physically and psychologically to every human being depending on their ages.

Since, the firm is new in the market space, it has managed to onboard a couple of clients and are currently busy with their projects, in order to make a perfect delivery and exceed their expectations. However, both Lakshmi and Mallikarjun are excited about the upcoming projects queued in the pipeline. They specialise in Bohemian concept which gives homely feeling and fresh vibes across.

According to Mallikarjun,

the opportunity in the market for an interior designer is all about providing quality service of creating a functional environment for clients with a variety of needs and wants. Having a passion for understanding about different types of people and cultures further helps fuel the process. Listening to clients in order to fully appreciate what they want from a designer is fundamental – it is the essential first step in a productive working relationship.

Castle Interior, even though a new venture, is all set to explore its own design identity & make a dent out there in the market.  No success comes without its share of struggles and ups & downs, and the same will come into the way sooner or later, as a result this designer couple should be ready for it and face it bravely, learn from it and make a strong come back.

Before signing off, to all young wannabes, Mallikarjun has few practical tips to share –

be open about accepting challenges, remain updated with new trends and happenings in the segment, industry interactions and networking would immensely help in setting up ones on firm and moving ahead in leaps and bounds.


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